No offense, nor defense generated, but oh well

What in the heck was that?
The first-teamers looked a bit out-of-sorts on Saturday night, if you ask ... ANYBODY! Kind of like a wild turkey in a tea kettle store. Just imagine! Turkeys don’t even drink tea. Then again, neither do I. Nope. Coffee for yours truly, please. Black and scalding hot.
Well, me and the wife spent the weekend up at the cabin, and don’t you know, the weather was something else. Got myself into a patch of wild-berries and ate sweet corn ‘til the sun started creeping about the trees. After a short cat-nap, I says to the wife:
“Mooney, I’m firin’ up the generator an’ watching the game on the television.” And that’s just what I did.
But don’t you know, that noisy contraption didn’t do much for the Packer’s offense, or the defense, now that I’m thinking about it. Once halftime came about, I says to the wife:
“Mooney, enough of this poppycock. Let’s switch to the radio-box and play some cribbage.” And that’s just what we did. But loh’ an’ behold, that didn’t change a thing, either.
And holy smokes, I don’t know how them folks can get by with that crazy Pacific time zone and staying up so late for a game of football! Honestly.
Anyhoo, I don’t know what to say about the whole mess other than it can’t get any worse. I can’t seem to recall any bright spots from those late evening hours. The Packers get embarrassed by a bunch of side-winders from the American Football Conference, I get skunked two games in a row by my own wife, and my best crib of the whole evening was four points. Four lousy points! But what can you do?
So next week, we host the Atlanta Falcons, who utilize the zone-blocking scheme we recently adopted so elegantly. Maybe they can show us how it’s done properly, ‘cause between Mr. Davenport and Mr. Gado and the rest of the bunch, the new system looks like a group study in confusion and third-rate rat’s nest construction. Yikes.
More than anything, it will be the offensive line I’ll be watching. Specifically, I’ll be hoping to see them get off their heels and put the fight to the defense. At times in Saint Diego, it looked like they were about to turn and run, and that isn’t something I can get behind. All week, the story has been the mis-communication of the line-men. Well, communicate this, Mr. Jagodzinksi: Tell them bang-tail ruffians to get off their haunches and smack somebody in the face, for cryin’ out loud. Eh?
Anyhoo, looks to me like a week for rebounding, all around. Atlanta - 10, Green Bay - 17.
Oh, one last thing. I was sad to see Mr. Underwood get his knee twisted up all mangly. Looks like a we’ve lost a real promising player for the year. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of that blasted injury bug infecting the squad again this year.Until next week, then.