Improvement, and reasons for optimism

Another Saturday evening game, another story, it seems. Looks to me like the them heavy-weight hooligans on the offensive line must’ve gotten their paws on a copy of the ol’ Herald-Independent last week, ‘cause they came out of the three-point with some serious stompassed intentions on the summertime tundra. Like five bloodthirsty wolves on the warm carcass of a freshly-killed moose. Yikes.
Better take ‘er easy, before I get my ticker all atwitter.
Anyways, for all the things I was wanting on, I sure didn’t expect to see such a fine display coming off the rock bottom performance two weeks past. But whats’a fellow to do - gripe? If you want to nit-pick the squad, knock yourself out. Me? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m optimistic. Always am. Then again, we’ve got a long way to go before opening day.
This Saturday went a-lot better than last, all the way across the board. Any day that starts with a couple over-easies and buttered toast, and which wraps up with a Packer’s victory, is a good one in my book, but something seemed extra special about August One-Nine.
First off, I found a fifty-center in the center pocket of my weekend bibs; then, I finally caught the critter who’d been enjoying a few field days in my garden out in one of the traps I’d set last week. Bea-u-tiful.
And then there was the Green and Gold.
Coach McCarthy must’ve done something aside from showing the team last week’s column, cause the improvement was evident almost immediately. I sure was glad to see another rookie making a difference on the offensive line. Between Mr. Moll and Mr. Spitz and the rest of them, it was night and day. But maybe they just needed some time.
I know I’ve been chatting on the offensive line a-lot lately, but it’s like Coach McCarthy said last week: That’s where it all starts.
And pardon me, folks, but how about Brett? Funny how things turn around when a fellow can spend his time throwing instead of running around like a rabbit at a bobcat family reunion. Young Mr. Rodgers seems to be coming around this year as well. Still, I’d be lying to you all if I said I wasn’t dissapointed about the team losing Mr. Nall to the AFC Buffalos over the off-season. I’d bet my smoking pipe and finest hat that he’s going to be something else in this league.
Back in Green Bay, there are other various players of promise, however, such as rookie wide-out Greg Jennings. What swiftness!
Coming up soon, we can expect some key players returning from their injuries as well, hopefully in time to tune up for the regular season.
Anyhoo, it’s on to Cincinatti and Monday night. Packers - 27, Bengal Tigers - 21.
I’m going to have to locate me some friendly place with the cable television channels, since this one’s going to be off network thanks to all the off-season switch-a-roos. Hopefully it won’t go too late.Until next week, then.