I’ll be watching the youngsters in San Diego

Sure, sure.
It was real neat watching Brett catch a standing ovation in the season finale last December against Holmgren’s second stringers. But dammitif I ain’t itchin’ for this Saturday’s game down in bea-u-ti-ful Saint Diego. It’s been too long, son. And it’ll be something to see a fellow senior citizen lead the team back for another season. Goes without saying, really, that I’m forever rooting on number four.
But with that story running it’s course, my eyes’ll be focused closely on our green-horns in the gold-rush state.
I’m sure to be all skittish like a herd of house-cats at a vacuum cleaner convention, but it’s a good kind of nervous-ness. Or perhaps, it’s anticipation. Either way, the wife might catch me mee-ow-ing something moon-batty at the television screen come nine-o-clock. I’ll try my best to contain the emotions. Really. But, when it comes to the pre-season opener, few promises can be made or held.
Anyways, back to the youngsters on the squad. Seems that if we’re to win The North an’ all the rest, these replacements are going to play a pivotal role in Coach McCarthy’s brutal plans. And don’t you know, we might just have a few rookies on the roster with the able-ness to pull it off.
Of course, there is Mr. Hawk - which, I must say, is a damn fine name. Kid’s got the look of a predator, too. A refined and humble ferocity. He’s also got himself a pretty new wife and I like that he finished up his crimin-ology degree. Seems like the total package, as they say, but I’m eager to see all of this transmitted to the NFL playing field.
Another defensive rookie I’m equally excited about is Mr. Hodge - another Big Eleven stand-out. I won’t be surprised if this bang-tail ends up starting in the defensive middle against the Baby Bears come week one. This guy is savage as a nine-pound hammer. He’s been thumping vicious sockdologers on people all week in the full-contact practices, and you can tell his instincts are honed true. I heard from my cousin Walter that he actually stuffs opposing running backs into his mahogany pipe and literally smokes them to ashes in between plays. Yikes.
On the other side of the ball, it looks like we’re going to be relying on Mr. Colledge and Mr. Spitz to plug up a re-tooled and much maligned offensive line, which was, without question, the root cause of all our problems during last season’s terrible toppling. Let’s hope these strapping smarties and Coach Jagodzinksi’s fabled zone-blocking schemery add up to a magnificent resurgence in the offensive battle trenches.
What in the heck?! Only two years ago we could run the ball against fifteen in the box, and now this. Well, let’s hope Thompson’s gambles don’t hamper us again this year. It looks like if a difference is to be made, however, it will be built from the ranks of the youngsters all around.Saturday is their first real test on the next level. I’ll be watching closely, with a cool beverage in hand and optimism in my bib pockets. Final score: Packers 24 - Super-Chargers - 3.