In the Driver's seat ... sort of

The difference is in the details, folks. Just look at the way we ended the first half the past two weekends. On one hadn, you have a hike to the face, a turnover and a loss; and on the other, you get a laser beam spiral, snatch and sprint down the middle of that rotten metro-dome turf for the go-ahead touchdown, and eventually, the win. And it was not just that one play alone, mind you. Mr. Driver, through his career-best performance against the Viqueens has put us back in some semblance of a driver's seat - second place in the glorious NFC North, mathmatically alive, and feelin' good. Yeah, we're still a bit of a long shot for the playoofs, but what the hey.
Another good aspect of Driver's streaking score: Watching double agent cry-baby of the year Darren Sharper getting char-broiled on the blown coverage. Later, he took the greasy gremlin one step further by blaming his younger team-mate. Real classy, 42, reeeeeeeeeeel classy. Boy, oh, boy, it's too bad we let that rattlesnake go.
Anyways, it looks like we've begun a new era in the land of lesser lakes. Cripes, compared to earlier in his career, Brett looks like proverbial whiz-bang amidst the lavender, horn-blown landscape of the Twin Cities. And what a swell sight that is, dear readers! There is nothing this old columnist hates more than losing to the domesticated purple team. Sure, our rivarly with the Bears is far more storied, far more impressive, but at least you can respect them at the end of the day. Can't say the same for these velvet-draped wombats all nimbly bimbley in the comfort of their magic bubble.
"Mad props" goes out to the defensive unit as well this week, as my neighbor-kid Pete says. I've been told this is a compliment, and am all for updating my vernac-ular. Hope it fits.
Although the first half was a lot of the same ol' same old, you've got to hand it to invisible coordinator exraordinaire Bob Sanders for rallying the thwartation horde. Although it's hard to attribute explosive-ness, or even competence to the purple team's offensive unit, I have no trouble saying that our defense played one of their finer halves opposite mediocrity on Sunday afternoon. Zoo-eey!
All around, we put out a very nice effort, and as a fanatic, it was one of the more enjoyable afternoons I have experienced in some time now. Good form, team, good form.
Coming back home, we've got ourselves a tough one against a proven champion and probably one of the best coaches to come around in some time. Sure, sure, they've lost a few weapons along the way, but a winner's a winner in my book, and I'm calling this one as one of the year's grizzliest challenges. Still, it's one we can win.
The key will be limiting the Partiot's running game, which features a young man / old man dynamic combo capable of ripping off big gains and controlling the clock. Even then, it will be tough to contain Mr. Brady, who has proven himself capable of production even with a decimated receiving corps... much like Mr. Favre. This should be a close one, either way. If we can win the turnover battle, we shoudl finally reach that elusive .500 plateau, and I think we will. New England - 24, Green Bay - 27.
Until next week, then.