Blown up while eating cheese

[October 27, 1929]

The Packers played like winter had halted the offensive for the season.

There they were in Chicago, against a team they handled easily just a few weeks ago, sitting on the sidelines eating cheese before the game. Yum yum yum. They thought the game was already won just by showing up.

Things are tougher on the road, and the Packers only won their first away game of the 1929 season because of a botched extra point. For the first time all season, an opponent physically dominated this Packers team. Couple that awful second half with about seven or eight missed scoring opportunities in the first half and it is a small wonder the Packers record remains perfect at 6-0-0. Coach Lambeau's side didn't show up to play ball, here in Chicago, and in nearly cost them the lead in the title race.

But a win's a win.

"We got lucky today. We didn't deserve the win and we've got seven more road games between us and that NFL Title," Lambeau barked at his team in the locker room Sunday after-noon. "Now clean your-selves up,,, and get back to work."

Game notes from the press-box:

Welcome to week six of the NFL season. The Packers have ridden the rails down to Chicago to face the Cardinals at White Sox base-ball park.

The Packers defeated the Cardinals two weeks ago in Green Bay, by a 9-2 score.

Early in the first, Lewellen hits Dilweg around mid-field and he takes the ball all the way to the four-yard line.

From the one, Verne Lewellen fumbles the tomato, and Ernie Nevers recovers. What a waste.

Now late in the first, still score-less, Hurdis McCrary breaks a nice run off right tackle down to the nine. But McDonald intercepts the pass on the following play and Cardinals thwart the attack once again.

Second quarter, Lewellen fires a rocket to Dunn at the Cardinals five, but the defense holds and the Packers come away from the red zone with zero points once again. Lots of wasted opportunities so far in the first half.

The Cardinals instantly fumble and Cal Hubbard recovers at the 8. Wow! A fourth try at goal from inside the ten yard line.

Four straight runs up the middle and no score! Apple-sauce!

Curley Lambeau hates field goals and loves touchdowns, but his stubborn-ness might get the best of him today. Cardinals defense bending but won't break.

The scoring drought ends right before half. Eddie Kotal intercepts a pass, then on fourth down Verne Lewellen fakes a punt and runs untouched into the end-zone. Red Dunn adds the extra point and it is 7-0 Packers at half.

I fell asleep for the half-time show and the duration of the third quarter, my colleagues in the press box tell me I missed 14 punts.

Cardinals are down 7 and have been dominating the fourth quarter. The ball has been in Packers territory since I awoke from my nap.

There it is. With four minutes to play Nevers hits Clarence Rooney for a twenty yard touchdown pass. Someone - McCrary I think - missed a tackle at the 8 and the Packers defense finally surrenders points in the 1929 season.

Sweet Baby Jesus. After throwing a magnificent touchdown, Nevers trots up and promptly misses the extra point. Packers cling to a 7-6 lead.

You could hear a duck quack in this stadium right now. Quack quack quack.

There's the final whistle. Packers should have been tied, but they hold on for the narrow 1-point victory, improving their record to 6-0-0. What a show.

Packers book club quote of the week:

"Tell me exactly what happened. Did you do any heroic acts?"

"No," I said. "I was blown up while we were eating cheese."
-Farewell to Arms