VHS: Reliving the NFC Championship

Hey folks, this is part two of my Super-Bowl XLV VHS-tape preview (Reliving the AFC Championship is here). As I noted in part one, I have been getting too nervous and dancing too much during the playoff games, and my live 'Freewheelin' notes have suffered, so I am drinking some home-brew and re-watching both Championship games on VHS tape in my trusty Magnavox Hi-Fi VCR.

Alright the tape is rolling so here we go:

First Quarter:
- That's the pretty pass I like to see. What a first play! And a second! Just like that.
- Several sharp play-action passes to start and Jordy gets it to the 2 against single-high. I love this aggressive-ness, and we have to keep the foot on the gas.
- 7-0: I seriously got three feet of air straight outta my rocking-chair when Rodgers put that boot-leg in live. That's a play that will be on Rodgers' high-light reels for all of history.
- They just mentioned that Culter was awe-some against the Sea-Hawks. Kind of how Roethlisberger was awe-some against the no-tackle Jets in the first half? Cutler don't look so awe-some now.
- Starks can take a loss and turn it into a short gain, and that impresses me almost as much as his bigger gains. As McCarthy says, he falls forward. We just need the threat of his power against the Steelers. I'd be surprised if he got 20 carries.

Second Quarter
- I read some-where today, can't remember where, that Cullen Jenkins stands to make a lot of money with a great game on Sunday with his new contract. I see him making a LOT of money. He's playing as well as any-one, dear readers.
- B. Jackson just made Urlacher look foolish on that quick-pass. My feet, they're stuck! In cement! Ahhh yes. Urlacher had a pretty good game, other than that one, but I had to razz 'em.
- Another Jordy pass into the goal-line zone, against single high. They were scared of Starks, and he just got his first touch-down in the NFC Championship game!
- 14-0: Starks is real horsey!
- Rodgers will clearly be the more elusive, faster and more dangerous running quarter-back in the Super-Bowl.
- What a junk pick. That's classic 'lucky bears' garbage. Points there would have been really helpful.
- And Sam Shields gets it back. What a story, this kid. An instant Packers legend based only on this game.

:::Halftime Thoughts::: Should've been up by more than 14, but - and I said this live - I am so happy I'm a Packers fan. Can you imagine the sick feeling those idiot Bears fans were feeling at the half? Getting their butts whupped on their home turf, against us? That's good gravy, folks :::

Third Quarter
- So when was Cutler hurt? Must've slipped on the way into the locker room, he wasn't limping like that after he threw the pick to Shields. Puzzler.
- You really shouldn't cover Jordy with slow line-backers! He is corn-fed and he runs like the prairie wind!
- That was a questionable pass inter-ference against James Jones in the red zone. He should've caught it any-ways, but kind of a bail-out call. Classic Jones not going to the ball.
- And I can't believe Rodgers didn't see Urlacher. He could've sealed the game up there. Huge mistake, but then he made a quality play to trip him up. One of his better plays of the day, no doubt. Damn! I knew it was coming and I still got sour about the play.
- Considering how much I thought the game was over after Todd Collins went three-and-out on his first series, I'm even more amazed this ended up being a game in the end. We really didn't do any-thing after that Urlacher pick, offensively. I believe we'll be up in the second half on Sunday, and I hope to hot-biscuits that McCarthy doesn't play it safe.

Fourth Quarter
- And C. Hanie is now an answer to a future Trivial Pursuit question. You've got to hand it too him, though, he came into an insane situation and didn't blink. Hell, he attacked. Knowing the Bears they'll probably cut him in the off-season.
- 14-7: Chester F'n Taylor. That's such an NFC North move.
- Even while getting hit in the chin by that dirty sonuvabitch Julius Peppers, Rodgers' deep ball looks splendid.
- God's Gifts! Wish you had God's Hands!
- 21-7: Raaaaaajjjjiiiiiiii!!!!!! I love the dance, I don't care what coach says! Put on that belt big fella!
- C. Hanie is now the answer to another Trivial Pursuit quesion: Who threw a pick six to the fattest man to ever score a touch-down in the play-offs?
- I'm the Freeza! I'm the Freeza!
- 21-14: OK, I know it doesn't matter, but Woodsen and Collins both looked like they were 'getting out of the way of the big hit' instead of making the big hit. They thought the game was over, too. I was already celebrating, I'll admit it.
- As this is a 'reliving' I am going to kick off the re-celebration by switching from home-brew to whiskey and cider! Weeee!!!
- Third and twelve, could have hit Kuhn for the first instead of sliding there, but probably smart to take the safe play, #12. Masthay crushed the punt and you've got to trust the defense. Did I mention Devin Hester was invisible today? I almost forgot he was in the game, and that's good gravy, too! 
- With this defense, I'll feel confident with any lead. That wasn't the case just a year ago, which is high praise for Dom Capers. That crazy owl is painting a master-piece this season.
- They're driving.. I wasn't worried then and I'm still not worried now. And on cue, the defensive dagger! Sam Shields has stepped up!

VICTORY!!! We're going to the Super-Bowl!!!

Until next time, then,

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