VHS: Reliving the AFC Championship

Howdy folks, I was gathering my thoughts over the weekend but I'm really picking up steam as we near our re-taking of the Vince Lombardi Trophy! Thanks for stopping by! Dinner's done and tonight's project involves re-watching the AFC and NFC Championship games, with the help of my trusty Magnavox VCR, the VHS tape from last Sunday, and some home-brew that was only labeled as 'G' on the bottle-cap.

I always try to keep some notes during the live broad-cast, but especially during these play-off games, I've not been doing a good job - too gal-damned excited, dear readers! Can't scribble when you're dancing and hootin'! Any-how, the tape's rolling and here's my impressions on the second viewing:

First Quarter
Roethlisberger is so shady he wears a smoke-tinted visor. What a jerk.
- I'm much more worried about Mendenhall than I was about Forte, and they'll use them in the same ways, especially hitting dump-offs out of the back-field. This is a key challenge for the Packers.
- Ackk, that Pouncey injury was grue-some!
- 7-0: Huge first drive. Don't think you'll see our defense come out sluggish like that, though. I hope we defer.
- Huh... They ran for a good gain out of our inverted wish-bone formation. A draw. Then a screen opposite way. Mendenhall is dangerous, folks.

Second Quarter
- Roethlisberger's deep ball is waaay too tall. The speed in our secondary will eat that up. Not scared, dear readers.
- #34 is getting yards, but I've seen LOTS of missed tackles, too. Jets D was terrible in the first half, which is when the Steelers got most of their production. Let's see him do that against Dom.
- 10-0: Suisham has now only hit 5 of 9 playoff FG attempts. Is that a typo? File that stat away. Miiisssss.
- 17-0: Jets looked asleep on this drive. Easy points.
- 24-0: Sack, terrible over-thrown pass, sack fumble touch-down return. So yeah, they're bringin' a defense to the rodeo, too. They will make plays, and how the offense responds will be important. Looked like Sanchez just lost it - completely flustered. He is melting down. Also, if Sanchez didn't drop the ball back down to his hip winding up to throw, maybe that fumble doesn't happen. Poor form.
- 24-3: FG. Whoo.

:::Halftime Thoughts::: I think the Bears would've been whupping the Jets at this point, too. ::::

Third Quarter
- 24-10: Sanchez gets it together and throws a few completions and Ike Taylor falls down.
- Roughing the kicker! That's the best play Kapinos has ever made! What a jack-wagon.
- Not much of a country fan, but that singing Napa guy commercial is pretty good. Spark plug in the ear! Nice trick!
- Let's be honest, the deep ball of both Roethlisberger and Sanchez is just ugly. After watching Rodgers all season, it hurts the eyes, dear readers.

Fourth Quarter
- Polamalu makes a big hit and that's the first time I've really noticed him tonight. For the DPOY he's been invisible, but maybe they're avoiding him? I don't think so. Nobody's healthy at this time of year, but I don't think he's any-where near 100%.
- Farrior and Woodley are crushing, though. Scary dudes.
- Gotta make that catch, Keller... and they are stuffed at the goal-line. That's the game, folks.
- Credit where due: Brett Keisel's beard is really nice. I applaud, only tonight.
- 24-12: Skeeze-bag Roethlisberger drops the second snap of the half from his new center, and that's a safety. Karma's gonna really getcha, Ben, on the biggest stage! What kind of person treats women like that? What a pathetic dew-dropper.
- 24-19: Too little too late with the pick-play.
- Geesh, this home-brew is getting me a little zozzled.
- First down for Rapelisberger and that's the game.
- I'll tell you what, I'm not scared of this team. I respect Tomlin as a coach, and I respect the franchise, the history, the tradition, but as an opponent on Sunday, we can handle any-thing they've got on that side.


OK, folks, gonna take a quick break and then pop in the NFC Championship tape.
Until next time, then,

UPDATE: I may have been a bit harsh on Polamalu, but I know he'll be a big factor in the game. I really enjoyed Matt Bowen's column on #43 v. #12... really liked the stuff about the 'pre-snap chess-match'.
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