Washburn County Gem-stone

Are you superstitious? Have you heard about not washing your jersey during the season? What about trimming your beard during the play-offs? Humans sure are crazy...

I enjoyed the Divisional Round play-off victory against Atlanta in the same place I enjoyed our last Divisional Round victory, against Seattle: On the shores of a Washburn County gem-stone lake. For yous unfamiliar with this county, it's a sandy-soiled, jack-piney, empty, wild tract up near Spooner in the northern-west. Long-drive from just about any-wheres. And when you get there, just whip your pick-it-up truck right onto the frozen lake if you want, spin around in big arcing loops - it sets the pike to eating. Makes for great video footage, too. Turn up that A.M. radio!

Any-ways, it was Highway 53 revisited, for this humble columnist, for the week-end, so Freewheelin' had to wait and you'll have to pardon me for being a bad, bad blogger and not updating any-thing until to-night. They've heard of the internet up there, but the ol' A-frame is lucky enough to get an NFL play-off game. And that's what's important, especially when one of the best games in Packers history is on tap, along with some terribly heavy beers that would make PBR cry.

And of course I made hot-wings, as I do for all big games, and most of the other ones... Which brings me to a dilemma: Am I superstitious? My lucky #85 jersey that I've worn for every game of the season, that helped me to a fantasy foot-ball championship with Greg Jennings him-self on my team, is just smothered in hot-wing sauce. Apparently those dangerous beers got the best of me and I had my-self an accident some-time near the second Kuhn touch-down. Couldn't be helped.

Do I wash the jersey on the cusp of the biggest Packers-Bears game in generations? What does it say about me that I'm even asking? Lots to think about during a very big week of preparation...

Here's one more: Your Green Bay Packers are the current odds-on favorites to win the Super-bowl, out of the final four. That's some pure science setting those lines. Good data sees through the lucky baloney. Money gets money, and we're favorites on the road in the NFC Championship! There were times during the season where I believed this scenario was highly unlikely, but life has ways of surprising you, even in old age. As I looked out over that Washburn County Gem-stone, waiting for my truck to warm up for the long drive home, Sunday morning, I enjoyed that reality.

I put the truck in gear and eased back onto pave-ment.

Until next time, then,