FG's Divisional Round Prediction

The nerves of Wild-card weekend are gone, and confidence over-flows in Packer-land! On Saturday, we face the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons, who beat us by a field goal in Week 12. As I inferred during yesterday's dramatic story-time post from the Dixie Highway, a key to reversing that previous close loss on Saturday will be containing and frustrating Falcon's behemoth-back Michael Turner, who ran all over us and ate up clock like a horse in an apple orchard. I happen to think the run defense, which has been stellar over the past month, will be up for that challenge, and now we've got our own horse-like back in James Starks to balance the match-up a bit.

Without the threat of a running game, the Packers nearly beat the Falcons any-ways, and even if Starks doesn't drop a hundred yards on them, the home team will certainly be worried enough about the big rookie after watching the wild-card game tape. And that's all we'll need, I think, to really shred their defense and open up a gap.

That threat of a run game, after-all, will only help our friend Ronnie Rodgers (pictured above hypnotizing the pig-skin like he will the Atlanta defense). When they knew he'd throw it almost every down, he still was a fluke goal-line fumble away from beating them... Imagine the passing lanes that will open up if McCarthy feeds Starks plenty of 'oats' in the first quarter. Hoo-baby!

This balanced attack has me pretty confident, dear readers, but maybe it's extrasensory perception letting me know the nails will not need biting, Saturday night... A recent academic paper from a well-respected psychologist suggests that memory may work both ways, just as the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland claims.

"Ordinary people can be altered by experiences they haven't had yet," writes Robert Krulwich on his NPR 'Sciencey Blog'. "Time ... is leaking. The Future has slipped, unannounced, into the Present."

Krulwich explains the research and data that essentially prove this statement, and I recommend you all read his full blog post. As an added treat, the experiments that prove subjects have a better-than-random chance of 'remembering' the future used pornographic images as the carrot to achieve those remarkable results!

Here's the point: The match-up looks good on paper for us, momentum is on our side, and I'm way too calm about a Divisional Play-off game, only two days away, so I must already know it won't be close, thanks to satisfying reverse memories, which leads me to this bold prediction:

Mark it, folks: Packers 31, Falcons 14.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the show! Until next time, then,