One-hundred and eighty-two

I guarantee we'll all remember one-hundred and eighty-two, in this series of great-ness, history, animosity and respect, tooth and nail, blood, guts, power, inches and infinity, nervous-ness, glory, triumph, heart... and respect for the right way to do things.

This is the Packers and Bears.

And it's the biggest game in the series so far, no doubt. We are all very lucky to live for this game, this glorious Hum-dinger! As fans, rivals, competitors in the stands, bringing the stands to life, expanding the stands to a global audience in high definition, talking with each other and sharing the experience like never before, instantaneously. This, dear readers... THIS is some-thing special. You might want to just gear-up on Friday night, mic your-self, glue a video recorder to your dome and hit the red button. Your kids, your future ancestors from the year two-thousand-182 will thank you for the living history of this weekend, and this game.

It is an apogee!

For those of us living today that can call our-selves true Green Bay Packers die-hard fanatics, the importance of this game cannot be over-stated. It cannot even be described with human words but I know all of you who are reading this understand me when I say that - you know it is the truth like gravity holds us to this earth.

I want to tell you readers, my fellow Packers fans, you are my family, and together we shall carry this importance into our meta-physical support as we dance and move molecules and cringe and squeal on Sunday. I am with you and I feel you riding this bizarre path with me on the rocking-chair - it's a wild creature! - edge of the seat, hanging on the next play, the next yard, the next explosion.

My brothers, my sisters, THIS is a great week-end to be a Packers fan, so let it all imprint upon your being and enjoy it, because we have the team that fans become fans for... And we're going to the Super-Bowl while our rivals dissolve before us!

Raise up your PBR's with me or whatever spice you choose, dear readers, and mark it with confidence:
Packers 30, Bears 10.

Until next time, then,