The Freewheelin' F. Gordon: XLV

Photo by Benny Siea, jsonline.com
 Here are my initial reactions to the thrilling NFC Championship game:

- Beating the Bears on this stage may be bigger than winning the Super Bowl. This is counter-intuitive, but think about it, folks. I find it hard to believe I'll be more excited and nervous about Super Bowl XLV than I was on Sunday. And I doubt I'll be any happier when we win in North Texas. This is already going down as one of my favorite seasons ever.
- I've had my share of the 'dizzies' or 'starry vision' during Packers games, when I get to cheering and yelling and jumping around, but here's more evidence that Sunday's win was bigger than big: After Rodgers scored the first touch-down on a naked boot-leg, my buddy Fritz nearly fainted and hit the deck. We thought he was having a heart-attack, but as Fritz explained during the commercial break: "I just got too excited!" Enough said. We all felt it.
- Rodgers is tough and Cutler is a pouter. Forget numbers and results, dear readers... Nobody in Chicago would take Culter over Rodgers if given a chance. So what if you've got a boo-boo. Poor body language is not a sign of a good leader.
- Who knows when Cutler got injured, but that shot Rodgers took from Peppers was border-line dirty and it clearly messed up his accuracy the rest of the way. Some-thing got knocked loose on his guidance system, which is likely located in the chin.
- I really dis-like Urlacher, but he played a helluva game on Sunday. You've gotta give him credit, along with that defense, for keeping the game 'close enough'.
- But, play of the game was not Urlacher's interception... it was Rodgers' barely-tackle to stop the pick-six. Kept the point swing to 3 or 7, instead of 14.
- Ike made some tasty curry chicken salad for the game, but I think I'll toot my own horn: The hot wings were play-off caliber, and my finest batch to date.
- Offense had the hot start, and special teams did more than their share just as in week 17, but Dom Capers and the defense put us over the top. Another score and two other huge picks for unlikely hero Sam Shields made up for a couple of ugly touch-downs in the fourth.
- Woooooooooooooooo!!!
- Super-bowl here we come!
- Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Until next time, then,