The Freewheelin' F. Gordon - Throw-back

Great win, here's my game-notes:

- Great. Another mediocre start. Terrible start, actually. Offense can't finish lately. I wasn't planning on this being a nervous game.
- I do love the throw-back uniforms. Rodgers should've worn brown long sleeves, though. 
- I'm not saying we should cut the guy, 'cause he does have talent, but will James Jones ever clean up his game enough to escape mediocrity? You've gotta go get the ball. You've gotta want it more, James.- Rodgers has reverted to holding the ball too long again. Looks off at the start here.
- That said, the 49ers have been getting good pressure on Rodgers.- Nice 'false Kuhn' call by the Lambeau crowd. That's the other slow white running back, folks! Guess it is kind hard to read those front numbers.- Nice defensive stand. Gotta re-sign Cullen Jenkins. Jenkins, then Bishop. 

- Oh boy! Bomb TD to Jennings! I feel better instantly. 7-6.
- "1929 formations" - I like 'em. 
- OK, there's the screen pass. Yes Yes.
- Now that is actually Kuhn! 14-6. Like how the camera caught him on the side-line blasting a major snot rocket and then immediately giving the crowd (or some-one) the 'number 1' signal. Yes Yes. You rule at dive plays and snot eviction. Kuuuuuuhhhhn!!!

- You don't see Nick Collins screw-up that bad very often, but that was a terrible, lousy excuse for a tackle. I can't believe that is actually him. Did a double take.  
- Alright now! Right back at 'em with a long Donald Driver touch-down. Always fun when you get up and start a-jumpin' for a long pass and then it just keeps going all the way to the end-zone. Boom. High Fives! Donald Driver: Shifty for Life! 21-13.

- I got an A+ in Billick's Coaching 101 class. Spacing, accuracy, timing. Got it. This applies to so many things in life, but it is most expertly illustrated by a perfect Greg Jennings bomb catch. Further illustrated by Greg absolutely toasting #35 for the TD a few plays later. He just makes guys look stupid some-times. Love it.
- Lambeau Field looks immaculate on this fine December day. The artificial grow-lights must be workin'. Occasional snow flurries were a nice touch.
- Mooney and I figured this one out: Jordy loves to catch, but he's just not that big a fan of running forward after the catch. 
- That ref has a zombiefied look. Ew.
- Were too many penalties to start, but much improved in the second half. Much cleaner play. Thank you, team.
- I like the play-off reseeding idea. The terrible NFC west will give the league a good example and excuse for making this change, and they should. 
- Raji eating mac n' cheese. Like that celebration a lot better than Zombo's Zorro mask dance. Ew.
- Collins interception is the icing cake. The syrup on the pancake. Makes up for that bad missed tackle before, some-what. Of course then we get a prime examle of an unnecessary review. This league is all flags an' reviews an' commercials. Frustrating. Let 'em play, eh? 

- Good win. And of course the Bears squeak out another victory. Suh got penalized at the end for tackling Cutler too rough. OK... Get Culter a bottle and a blanky. Waaaa!

Good-night, folks,