The bounce-backer

I don't often write about the great history of the Green Bay Packers, even though I have lived through them, and witnessed the growth of the franchise like one of my own children. I may be the oldest living Packers blogger on the planet earth, but I know the audience wants to talk about the present and future before the past, and so do I. But even with no direct mention of history, that story certainly informs me, it permeates my thoughts as I interpret the current chapter, no doubt about it, dear readers.

I'm not going to start giving history lessons today, either, but with the Packers wearing their throw-back uniforms on Sunday to celebrate the first of many champion-ships, in 1929, I thought it was appropriate to address the topic of history and how it influences all writers, myself included. Moving along...

I sure wouldn't want to be on the 49ers steam train as it heads to Green Bay this weekend. It's going to be a classic December Sunday in Lambeau, dear readers, and on those days the visitor rarely comes out ahead, or even close to tasting victory. It's going to be so cold the snot freezes to your moustache, and after another close loss I expect the Packers to put a thumpin' on the visiting team. Facing criticism for being pass-happy, and icy conditions, you might think Coach McCarthy will put more running plays in the game-plan, but you'll probably be wrong. The 49ers may be terrible, they may be coached by a maniac, but they do hold up against the run... In my estimation, now that they've lost Frank Gore for the season, that's what they hang their fancy California gem-stone hats on more than any-thing. So hold the horses on un-proven James Starks and Nance and Jackson. I expect McCarthy to stay true to his nature and attack the point of least resistance and greatest advantage: Through the bitterly-cold air.

And that's fine with me. So long as they win, and win big, just like the '29 team did in Green Bay, en route to a 12-0-1 season. OK, I can't resist sharing this historical nugget: The only blemish in the '29 team was a tie on November 28 to the pebble-eatin' Frankford Yellow Jackets. Go figure.
I don't put much stock in schedule evaluation in August, but like any projection, it becomes more accurate once you have more data, and that we have, dear readers. As you'll see below, I think the Packers will crush the 49ers on Sunday. I don't condone 'looking ahead' if you're on the team, but I thoroughly enjoy this practice, especially at the start of December - one of my favorite months - where conference championships are won and play-off runs begin.

After the 49ers, we go to Detroit, to New England, and then host the Giants and the Bears. I see us going 4-1 over these final five games, and if we do that, we ought to be playoff bound as champions of the NFC North. We could go 3-2 or 5-0, even, and that wouldn't surprise me, but I'll put up with a loss in New England if we win the other four. Hell, I'll take 4 and 1 in any combination!

The Bears have a tougher path ahead. They go to Detroit, host New England, to Minnesota, host the Jets, and finish the season with a visit to Green Bay. While this is tougher than the Packers schedule, it's not that much tougher (the Jets are clearly the better 'New York' team). First of all, they get to host New England, Philly, and the Jets, while we had to play those teams on the road? That's baloney, but I'm sure it all balances out some-how. Any-ways, I don't see them beating the Jets or the Patriots, even at home, and I bet they find a way to lose at Detroit or Minnesota as well. And of course we're going to embarrass them in Lambeau. No matter, we should beat them by a full game in the standings by the time 2011 rolls around. As usual, the Bears get a few wins on pure luck every year, and they already have those in their pockets. That final game at Lambeau is going to be important no matter what happens between now and then, though.
Back to this weekend, it's obviously a must-win. More accurately, it's a game we should and will win. Mark it, folks: 49ers 13, Packers 27.

Until next time, then,