Gruden is a treat in the booth

Watched the Colts game over at Cousin Walter's place, on his fancy highly-defined television set, which was marvelous as wolfin' down a ham sandwhich with waay too much horse-radish sauce on a hot August day. Yes folks, Horse-brains and Hi-Def are two of my favorite sensory over-loads.

Another is listening to Jon Gruden providing color commentary in the 'Monday Night Football' booth (Now on Thursdays!). Some of my favorite Grudenisms from August 26: "The Amoeba Defense" - Calling General Ryan Grant "Dorsey Levens" - calling Lambeau Field the "Cathedral of Sport" - and his ultimate brain-freezer: "Every day is a crisis to get better."

Gruden started at the top of Holmgren's stairs, coaching in the 'Cathedral of Sport'

How many of you treat every day "as a crisis to get better?" I try to, but some-days it's very tough. Maybe if I had been more committed to improvement I would have brought the 'Union Guns' to a higher level of the game I love, in my younger years. It's something to think about, at least. 

Here's some other things I jotted down in my note-book during the game:
• Bob Sanders is dirty, and it's no wonder he's always busted up.
• Burnett 'stole one from the General' and he should'a had another pick earlier, but that kid is looking fast like an owl in the woods.
• Welcome to the NFL stage, Referee Clete Blakeman. Nice name.
• Please take Jordy Nelson off Kick Returns Duty! Please. I'm begging you, coaching staff. 
• Glad they're giving Speedy Chery a chance - that kid looks like a return specialist. 
• Great Lambeau Sign spotted: "Rodger that!"
• We need more crushers like Francois. Ask Addai if he's a mean sonuvabitch. 
• Even I can tell you are running the QB sneak without my spectacles if you squeeze the i-formation in tight like that. Jeeper creepers!
• Spotted: Creepy Ted and Ron Wolf sharing a luxury box. Probably conversation: Hey Creepy Ted, you know what might help yous? What's that, Ron? Getting a kick returner who has a chance to break one from time to time. 
• Great power running trio: Quinn Johnson, Crabtree and Lumpkin. Would love to see all three make the team.
• Lumpkin: You might make the team, but quit doing the Broncos salute ya knuckle-head!

Another Thursday nighter to end the pre-season. I'm ready folks. I've even got Greg Jennings on my fantasy team this season. Whup Whup! Caaa-yoooga! Until next time, then,