Off-Season Treasure: Inside the playbook

Besides my lovely wife Mooney and my family, there are two things I am truly passionate about: The Packers and fishing. And while I may know a great deal about both subjects, I also know that I am not expert on either. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance, dear readers, and wisdom teaches one to acknowledge this.

This venture of mine started as an old-fashioned newspaper column, and has transformed over the past few years into a digital blog, but the focus has never been on the Xs and Os. I may have been good at football in my younger years, and I probably understand the game on a different level that most through shear volumes of experience (I am well into my second century!), but I've never played in the NFL. My strength is simplicity, story-telling and, occasionally, humor (well, I laugh at my jokes from time to time). More than any-thing, I enjoy this 'work' as a hobby. Maybe some-day I'll turn it into a book or some-thing. I appreciate that people take time out of their busy days to read my stuff, so I do my best to give those readers a product they can't find any-where else. Honestly, folks, how many senior-citizen Packers bloggers are there? I think I've got that market pretty-damned-well cornered.

The point is, I know what I am. Like all bloggers or columnists, I am merely a filter for this strange world. In goes data, out come thoughts. This post is about sources I trust. In other words, as the off-season drags on through summer I've got a great source I want to share with all of you: Matt Bowen's "Inside the Playbook" series at National Football Post. No matter how many hours of the day you spend researching and reading about the Packers, I guarantee you can learn a thing or two from Mr. Bowen's excellent work on NFL play-book concepts.

The article that really got my attention and got me diggin' into this bang-tail resource featured the long Rodgers-to-Jennings touch-down against the Steelers last season. Bowen used this play as a premium example of breaking down 2-man coverage. He begins by diagramming the offensive and defensive sets and basic concepts, and then uses live video to illustrate those concepts in motion. On this particular play, the result was nothing short of beautiful.

There are very few sources of this intense quality available to dedicated NFL fans, dear readers, especially during the off-season. If you are interested in understanding the game better, I highly recommend you pay NFP a visit.

Until next time, then, 


Editor's note: Me and cousin Walter and Ike and a hand-ful of other characters will be heading up to Canada next week for the annual Meat Packers Union Fishing Retreat, so the website will be quiet until later this month. Until our return, stay cool and stay on the windy side! -FG