A metaphor of our times

There isn't much going on with the Packers, at least nothing very important compared with the usual sad news of the day. What can you say? "Oh gee, them OTAs and that Mike McCarthy press conference were so darn interesting I nearly pooped!" Get real, folks. Nothing to see here...

I read quite a bit - about the Packers, fishing, earth, and books on this and that - and one of my favorite authors out there today is Garrison Keillor. His weekly column is a true gem. Garrison may be a Minnesotan and he may dabble in politics too often, but he's also got a great command of the language, and I like his tempo. He's an influence on my work, no doubt – A true American Treasure. His column this week was 100 times better than anything I read about the Packers, and it started with this paragraph, which I'd like to share:

"I flew home from Washington Monday night, looking at live pictures on the BP website taken by an underwater robot of the greasy waters of the Gulf, and how's that for a Metaphor of Our Times? Aboard a Delta Airbus at 37,000 feet maneuvering around giant thunderheads, connected to the Internet via satellite, looking at dark gloop a mile below the sea, contemplating the death of a beautiful body of water, unable to think of a single sensible thing to do or say about this that would make a milligram of difference, and yet here I sit with a clear view of the situation, like a passenger in a car skidding slowly into the median."

You can read the full post here, and you can check out his archives at The Old Scout.
Have a great weekend folks, I'm off to the river,