Futbol fever

The World Cup starts today, and although International futbol will never reach American football's place in my heart, I am looking forward to cheering on Team USA over the next month as they hopefully play beyond the group stage on the world's grandest sporting stage.

I've even convinced cousin Walter to watch with me, which is good since he's the only one with the cabled television service. Seems only a few matches will be available on the rabbit-ear-system.

The big match, of course, is on Saturday versus the English, who take futbol very very seriously, probably as seriously as I take the Packers, only with a silly accent. I'm told that this is the year to take out those limey tea-drinkers, so I'll predict a 2-nil victory for the yankees over in Africa tomorrow. And if we don't win? I guess I'll boil up a piece of rotten meat and have me some British soup for din-din. Deal, mates? Deal.

Now let's see some goals!!!
Until next time, then,