Spring project: Fixing a leaky boat

I was out chasing blue-gills last weekend during the NFL draft. Here in Wisconsin, you can't fish for anything but panfish until May, and that's a good-enough excuse for this old columnist to get the boat out of the shed for a few hours.

Well, the boat developed a leak - or several leaks - over the course of the winter. I spent half my time bailing, a quarter of the time casting my gear into trees, and the other quarter messing with the anchor rope and trolling motor. I was a bit rusty dear readers. That was Saturday.

On Sunday I got some J-B weld at the neighborhood hard-ware store and got to work cleaning and sealing the old row-boat. While I was at it, I installed new anchor-line cleats, too! I was a regular Mister Fix-it! The final layers of leak-fix are currently drying out in the sun, and next time I take the boat out my toes will be as dry as a chunk of aged bon-fire log.

Fixing up and cleaning the boat is a great spring-time project. It's even more fun with a can of PBR in hand. The same goes for the NFL draft. The line and the defensive secondary may have been a bit dinged up after that last run through the rapids, and hopefully picks like Bulaga and Mike Neal and Morgan Burnett will provide the weld the team needs at those positions.

I already wrote about Bulaga over the weekend, and I really like the pick. Kid looks like he feeds on nothing but steak and syrup! I also like the Mike Neal pick the more I read about him. Plus, he's got two first names, and we all know that's good stuff. Then there's Burnett, who we traded up to grab. He's got ball-hawking skills and will certainly push Atari Bigby even if he does stay healthy.

Something's messing with my tomatoes so I better go re-load the BB gun and skee-daddle, folks. If you are so lucky as to be fishing in Wisconsin this opening weekend, best of luck to you in your search for mighty lunkers! And here's to a leak-free boating experience (biiig sip of PBR)!

Until next time, then,