This is March

Howdy Folks,
Sorry about that last column. I was in a weird mood.

The Brewers are on the radio today and I am planning for at least two more weeks of ice fishing. This seems like an impossibility, but as my Father taught me, Ice takes a long time to form, and a long time to melt. Late ice is some of the best fishing of the year, and it is often so nice out in March that a pale Wisconsin fellow like me must be careful or risk a severe sun-burn. This is a welcome change from early- and mid-ice, when you have to worry about wind burn.  Late in the season, it's time for a nifty pair of sun-shades, a dedicated fruity drink sled, and rubber boots to work through the slush.

This is March. I love March. Ice fishing on the brain and green things poking up in the garden beds.

March means free agency is here, and that the combine is complete. Where do the Packers stand today?

Well, I doubt Ted will toss any money around even with an un-capped salary year on deck. The Packers, I am told, will act as though a cap is in place, which I am told is smart business, since the cap will likely be back in 2011. We'll see.

I'd sure like to see them get a deal done with Chad Clifton. We can't afford to have offensive line problems again like last year, and even though I think they'll grab a tackle in the first round, it would be worth every penny they will pay to keep the veteran.

Good luck to the Packers and all ice fishermen this month,
may we all 'ice the big one!'

Until next time, then,