Off-season Horse-head

Well, readers, it's been several weeks since my failed prediction of a Colts victory in the Super Bowl. I've been laying low the past few weeks, getting the most of the end of ice fishing season here in Wisconsin. It has been nice getting away from the blog, thinking about things other than football. I'm sure most of you feel the same way.

It's that special time of the calendar year when it's OK to let you mind settle into a pro-longed off-season horse-head-ish-ness. Yes, dear readers, I'm currently horse-headed. This is a phrase my Cousin Walter uses a-plenty. Does this mean I have grown a mane and only eat carrots and sugar cubes? Does this mean I have taken a liking to feats of mammal-racing?

No, dear readers. The Off-season Horse-head is simply a derivative of general horse-headed-ness. Lackadaisical-ness, if you will. You see, during the regular season I get so wound up about the Packers than I cannot relax, even when doing non-Packers things, like canning pears or chopping wood. The mind is ... a thrashing sea-squall.

But you've seen horses, controlled by their horse-brains. The horses, for the most part, are a calm creature, nibbling and grazing and whinnying about. So in this respect, the label of Horse-head is some-what a compliment. The kids may have their yoga and their scented candles, but when I need to relax, I try to think like a horse. I put my-self out to pasture on a sunny day, even in the middle of a god-awful gray February.

Horse-headed-ness can also signify a general foolish-ness, and I believe this is what Walter mostly is talking about when he utters those words. And maybe I've been being a bit stir-crazy the last few weeks, too.

I suppose I should say something about the Packers, now that the scouting combine has begun: Draft a beast of a tackle! Draft one as big as a horse!

Until next time, then,