Yelling at the television set (Steelers)

- The refs didn't call this one on the level from the fumble they reversed to the gifts on the final drive. Baloney!!!
- And while I'm yelling about the refs, What is it gonna take for someone to call a roughing the passer for Rodgerrs? For crying out loud!
- Rodgers played well today, but that won't be remembered.
- That said, Big Ben threw for 500.
- Don't get conservative Capers!
- Love the intensity from Kevin Greene!
- They need to give Mason the boot. Special teams killed us once again!
- One mark of a high-penalty team: The refs automatically get loose with the flags.
- I can't believe we lost this one.
- That said, we are still in fairly good shape.
- Seems like folks on television don't know Green Bay is two words. Enjoy that double-e and the n, folks! Greeeennn ... BAY!
- If Cullen makes that sack the game was over. I'll never understand how he missed that one.

Good night,