Yelling at the television set (Ravens)

Sorry it's taken me so long to update since the excellent game against the Ravens. Those close ones just give me head-aches now-a-days, since I do so much more yellin! But what a game!!! Huzzah!

Spent this morning digging out of the fantastic blizzard that dumped a heap of snow on the Union Encampments, and now, warming by the wood-stove, I am ready to proceed with the main things I was yelling at the television during the Ravens game:

- A Monday Night Game and Quesadillas, who could ask for any-thing more?!?
- The new "Get your smokey on!" Smokey the Bear ads are great, but every commercial break? I promise, I won't start any wild-fires!!!
- Gruden's brown coat is bigger than Brown County! Lordy!
- The slow run plays are not working! Hit them in the guts Big Mac!
- Nick Collins is crazy quick! Zippity Do-Da!
- A strange game tonight, very sloppy on both sides so far!
- The longest plays tonight are pass interferences!
- And after three straight passes to Jermicho Friendly, Rodgers hits another mis-match for the first touch-down of the game! Bango!
- And now a touch-down for Double D! Very Driver-esque, that score!
- Good half. Very good! Are we really the top defense?! Hmm...
- Ray Rice has made Jones and Hawk both look pretty silly.
- TD Ravens. No Lambeau Leaping for you, Mister Wide Receiver!
- Another turnover off Double D! Not really his fault, but come on now! Being too care-less out there tonight!
- Another pass interference? This is just ridiculous!!! Put the flags back in your pockets, you itchy-pawed zebras!
- How many drops is that tonight? Good God! Too many penalties again, too!!!
- I agree with Gruden: "The officials are getting alot of air-time tonight." And I don't like it!!!
- Crosby needs to be replaced or at least challenged. He is shot!
- Needing the momentum back, Jermicho gets his second TD of the game, a HUGE Score!!!
- But another huge special teams mistake. That's it! Slocum needs to be fired!
- Why is Smokey just wearing pants, no shirt? That don't make any sense. Neither does that hat, though... None of this makes sense, but I promise I won't start any wild-fires! Back to the game!
- Flacco looks like a brain-eatin' zombie. What a creep!
- He's got a brain leak or some-thing. What is that all about?!?
- Flacco only wears a face-mask to keep him from eating opponent brains during the game. Put a muzzle on him!
- He is a zombie! Another interception!
- Game over! Huzzah!