First snow in this bleak December

Snow is falling in Wisconsin today, as I sit by the wood-stove at my type-writer looking out the frosted window, thinking about the big game tonight against the Baltimore Ravens. It seems today would be a good one to sit by a hot stove and then shovel the walk and the steps, and then sit by the stove some more, reading some Edgar Allen Poe and eating left-over beef-roast and carrots.

Yes, dear readers, quoth Poe:
"Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor."

While the recent three-game winning streak has hopes high in Packer-land, I think tonight will give us a real answer as to whether or not this team is gonna do anything of consequence this season. I will be looking at the offensive line and the penalties again, as our problem areas, but I will also be looking at Ronnie Rodgers at the helm, and at the defense to see if it can become the dominating force we need it to be.

Of course I have a sneaking suspicion that the team we all saw in Tampa Bay a month earlier is still hiding out just beneath the surface. This is why I have doubts yet. Maybe I already know the answer to my questions, but maybe those lurking assumptions are wrong.

This is the lesson of The Raven, isn't it? We know the answer - and it never changes - yet we keep asking the question any-ways. I'll have to re-read it a few times today, and watch the game tonight to really know how well that lesson applies, though.

Shall I take today's first snow as an omen?
Shall Baltimore defeat us in the old home place?
Shall we threaten other solid teams in this post-season?

Quoth the Raven:

Oh what a horrible and intelligent bird! I bid my readers shall not open that door no matter how much rapping they might hear!
The Ravens will surely hear lots of cheering for the Packers tonight. Mark it folks: Ravens 14, Packers 23.
Until next time, then,