Yelling at the Television Set (49ers)

A conservative second-half followed a great first half, and we pulled out the win in the end - A very big win, kind of like the buck I'm gonna shoot before sun-down here in camp. Here is what I was yelling at the Television Set today. Thanks to Ike for getting these up in a timely manner, FG:

- 3rd and inches - Pickett with a big stop!!!
- I like that sneaky screen!
- Nice hit on the kickoff!!! (Underwood)
- 3rd and long.. And there's a Kampman Sack - Great to see you back, Aaron!
- Roughing the kicker is the most ridiculous penalty on the books... right up there with unnecessary roughness!!! Well, so is running into the kicker. grrr!!!
- Dumb dumb dumb! Intentional grounding... You gotta out-run that line-man Rodgers. Come on!
- Barnett is looking really good lately. Looks strong!
- Good to have J Finley back! That horse is getting some apples thrown his way today. What a weapon!
- Hey, Welcome back Gregory Jennings! What a throw-catch-cutback, and block by Jordy at the end... Huzzah! (TD - 13-3 Pack. 8:47 2nd.)
- Another sack - this pressure is fantastic so far!
- Yordy Yordy Yordy!!! We've got some weapons folks. TD 20-3 GB! What a half!
- Brian Billick knows his stuff. That dude is smart, folks!
- 4th and 2, Failure! Nice pressure, CM3! No chance!
- Hows about we cover that Vernon fellow, eh?!?
- Crabs pushed off! He pushed off! The ref was looking right at him! ... Ack, maybe not. Harris just got beat by the rook! Come on!
- Blood coming out of his ear? What kind of knee injury is this?!
- Brandon Jackson burns P. Willis. He's making some good plays today!
- Hey Derrick Martin. Way to down that Kapinos Beauty! Like the call to punt here!
- INT Collins grabs a duck! Quack Quack Quack!!!
- Grant TD and 100 yards on the day. Now that's a good-looking barometer! Got that twenty point lead back alright!
- Ack, big return... And now Harris is down... Nooooooo!!!!!!!!
- And now a Vernon TD. Nice throw, but Jeepers, can we just cover that guy?!?!
- Another TD... For crying out loud now, finish this game off already!
- This is what happens when you play conservatively. Should have never let the foot off the gas!!!
- After running right into a pile, a HUGE run for Grant. Should have seen the cutback much sooner, but alright!!!
- OK Dokey! Rough fourth quarter, but a Big Big Win!!!