A big week ahead

As so many hunters across the great state of Wisconsin are making final preparations for the 2009 Deer Hunting season opener on Saturday, the Packers are also preparing for a big week in their hunt for a spot the 2009 playoffs, a quarry that has eluded Coach BigMac on all but one of his first three seasons. Just a few weeks ago, speaking or thinking about the playoffs was none-sense - right up there with claiming to have seen a thirty-pointer - but after a convincing win against the Cowboys last week, any-thing seems possible once again.
We start the week with a match against the some-times good, some-times bad 49ers at Lambeau Field, and then face a quick turn-a-round for a Thanksgiving Day game in Fort Detroit against the lousy Lions. We ought to win both of those games, dear readers.
Check that, we MUST win both of those games if our quarry is indeed a playoff spot. There are too many tough ones left on the schedule to drop any more "easy" match-ups.
In the deer stand on Saturday I'll be watching keenly and listening for the approach of a majestic steed, but on Sunday I'll come in from the woods to watch for some other things: Chief amongst them, the defense. Can we replicate the effort put forth against Dallas?
It's obvious as a buck standing broad-side that with our offensive line issues the defense will have to carry this team going forward. If Dom gets his unit to perform like last week, we should make an easy meal out of the 1949ers. Would like to say I expect that, but if this team has proven any-thing it's that you can't expect a darned thing.
Well, the Sportsbook says the Pack should win by 7 on Sunday, and I think that's a bit low. Mark it, folks: Packers - 31, 49ers - 21.
Good luck to all hunters and remember to be safe out there. It appears Ike is gonna have access to the internet some-how at the cabin, so I am hoping to have my usual columns and so forth, which I will write by the light of the wood-stove while I wait for the sun to rise on the next day of the hunt. Let me leave you dear readers with a limerick as you go a-field:

Noodle-legged Jeremy Kapinos can't punt,
And our offensive line is a runt,
So let the defense dominate again,
Whupping the 49ers and the Lions, and then,
We'll sit happy in the forest and hunt.

Not my best work, but my mind is already in the woods, folks.
Until next time, then,