Yelling at the television set (Browns)

Spencer Havner was every-where, Sunday.

Here are some of the things I was yelling at the television set during the Browns game:

• (On the failed fourth down QB sneak): Look at the tape! He clearly got some-thing! You can't look at the tape and then mark it as no gain!
• We should have taken a road trip to Cleveland. Looks beautiful this time of year!
• (cringing) Looks like J Friendly's knee just got warped.
• Sure are running it a lot early.
• CM3 seems to be in on every tackle!
• Hawk is making a few nice plays today, finally!
• Doink! Ack, he made it?!?
• (Jumping) There goes the Spencer Havner Express!
• 12 on the field? Stupid. Stupid!!!
• Donald is too fast! Too fast! Oh, Oh, hold on... He's too fast!!!
• (helping the home fans) Boooooooooo!!! The Browns are terrible! Terrible!!! Boooo!
• They may have gotten worse since pre-season!
• Hey, good to see the running game pick up a bit!
• What did John Lynch say? It's Play Clock, John. With an 'L'!!!
• Can't they find a ref who can speak?! In full sentences?!
• Tough day for our punting unit, eh Walter?!?
• Alright. Let's head home for The Game of The Year!