Stormwindows, then Browns

I took this picture last weekend. I think it represents the perfection of autumn in Wisconsin.

Mooney keeps riding me to get the storm-windows up, and I think this Saturday I'll finally get to 'em. Putting up the storm-windows is, on the surface, one of the most depressing chores in a given year. But once they're up, you can begin looking ahead to all the good things that come with cold weather: Ice fishing, stoking the wood-stove...

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.

Any-hoo, this weeks' game against the Browns is alot like putting up the storms. It's not a particularly glamorous way to spend the after-noon, but it's not some-thing you can over-look, either. You gotta keep that cold air out and the hot air in, folks.

Where am I going with this? Let's see.

Say the meat of the schedule is like winter bearing down on us all. This Browns game is a good weekend to cut back the hostas and rake some leaves before the snow starts falling. In other words, this trip to Cleveland is an opportunity to get our house in order and dig the shovels out of the roof-beams of the garage.

I've got to put up the storms and clean out the gutters - The Packers need to establish the run and clean up the mental mistakes.

Let's change gears here, folks. I'm not sure I'm making any sense today.

We really walloped these guys in the pre-season and I don't expect any-thing different on Sunday, even if we're on the road this time around. The Browns are just plain awful. Gotta make sure we don't over-look them, though. Can't be looking ahead to November 1, dear readers.

What else can you say? Right?
Well there's this: Gonna try putting my wing sauce on some drum-sticks I think. Why wouldn't that be great? Extra meat and extra surface area for sauce, for spice. I'll be sure to let you know how it went.

Well let's get to the clairvoyant portion of the show, OK? Mark it, folks: Packers 28, Browns 10.

And here's a Limerick for those lucky readers who made it this far:

We're going to Cleveland, hoo-ray!
To get our fourth win, I say!
O'er the lousy Browns,
Those O-hio Clowns,
With strong running, yes; QB sacks, nay.

Have a great weekend, dear readers, however you spend it!
Until next time, then,