Where's the Blitz?

Today is rainy and gloomy to a horrible degree, dear readers. We were not able to steal one on the road, and although I knew victory was a long-shot this early in the season, it was still gut-wrenching to watch it unfold.

Here is what happened: Coach McCarthy and Dom Capers decided they would stop the run first and see if Old What’s-His-Name could beat them through the air. And beat the zone coverage he did. Let’s be more honest: He knocked out a few teeth and then kicked the defense in the ribs as they laid on the ground.

It was disgusting.

I really don’t understand that choice at all. I know that Adrian Peterson is the most dangerous weapon the Vikings have out there, but how do you give Old What’s-His-Name so much time to pick you apart on National Television? How?

A sloth wearing mittens could have thrown for 300 yards against that pass rush. It was, quite frankly, embarrassing. We touched him once all game.

All of that aside, we did
stop the run pretty well, and Ronnie Rodgers kept us in the game some-a-how despite getting dumped for 8 more sacks (some of which were his fault). He’s got to understand that you have to throw the ball away some-times.

The offensive line was busy making the opposition look like a roster of pro-bowlers, of course, and I just don’t know how that is gonna change even with the bye week on the horizon. This offensive line is entirely the work of Ted and Mike and his staff, and it is not acceptable. So what if we have the quarter-back of the future in Ronnie Rodgers? We can’t protect him. We can’t give him a steady running game. We can’t catch touch-downs on fourth down. He’ll never make it through the full season at this rate.

Neither will Mike or Ted.

We watched the game in “High-Definition” at my buddy Fritz’s place. I never realized the Viking’s helmets don’t match the jerseys. You know, if you are gonna go with ugly purple as your base color, you should at least settle on one dog-faced flavor.

The evidence says I ate about 6 pounds of cheese and salsa dip. I feel OK today on that front, though. Six pounds is clearly not my true limit. The training will continue…

Back to the game, I hate to say it, but Nick Barnett has lost a step since he exploded his knee in the Metro-dome last year. Where is Bang-Tail Desmond Bishop? I think Barnett made one solo tackle all game, based on my notes.

On the other-hand, Clay Mathews III, other-wise known as CM3, played a decent game, topped with an amazing game-tying touch-down return after stripping Peterson on a sweep. While CM3 has been up and down so far, I haven’t see much from BJ Raji. He held his own in the rush game, but never got within yelling distance of Old What’s-His-Name.

It’s a good thing the bye week is coming up, followed by the Lions. We have lots of work to do before the re-match-up on the First of November.

Well that about says it all, folks. Enjoy the bye week and check back on the website often for more updates and commentary as the team prepares for the stretch run.

Until next time, FG