Things I Yelled at the Television Set (Vikings 1)

First off, it was a heart-breaking game last night, and a truly frustrating one. I will have my full column up tomorrow. I am expanding this Yelling at the Television feature going forward and plan to issue my Yells right after the game each week, as a sort of immediate reflex to the game. Any-how, this is what I saw and yelled as the game was happening:

• Finally, some screen passes!
• Did he just call him "Jamarcus Friendly?" I like that!
• Geesh, Ted Thompson has the eyes of the devil and the posture of a robot!"
• Come ON, Man! (I obviously stole this from the pre-game show, but I had lots of use for the handy phrase, and I yelled it alot).
• ESPN is using Old What's His Name's Steak-House to represent the Wisconsin Tavern Scene? Why not just put a camera in Deanna's luxury suite box!?!
• Why the challenge on that Rodger's fumble, Mike? Why?!?!
• Where is the heck is the blitz, Dom?!?! (I yelled that one about 50 times)
• How do you call a taunting in this game? Seriously!?!
• Ack, the turf just ate Will Blackmon's knee for dinner!
• CM3! CM3! Wow! Wow! Wow! (Clay Mathews III)
• Barnett is slow as molasses. Bring on Bishop!!!
• Three questionable calls by the refs, and three Vikings touchdowns!
• Jared Allen is a bonafide creep!
• The dropsies strike again. (Didn't really yell this. More of a disgusted statement of fact)
• A trick run on third and seven!?!?! Ack!
• Driver has looked Sterling this year!