Things I Yelled At The Television Set (Lions 1)

Let's be honest, folks. There wasn't much worth getting excited about during this game. Seemed more like watching a scrimmage than an NFL game, but a shut-out is a shut-out, no matter how bad your opponent was. With that said, here is what I was yelling about on Sunday:

- Clay Matthews is really some-thing else! The kid can play!
- I bet the Badgers would give Detroit a run for their money!
- McCarthy must be Irish for "Leader of the Oft-Penalized"!
- How about that Double D? Always smiling, always with the one-handed grabs! A truly Great Packer! What a guy!
- Chad Clifton is afraid of the line-of-scrimmage!
- You cannot stop John Kuhn, you can only hope to contain him!
- Atari's back!
- McCarthy got some serious air on that leap! (Did anyone else see that?)

Well, the full weekly column should be up later today, folks.
Until then,