There's that great chill in the air

The October Full Moon passed on Sunday, bringing a temporary end to the wickedly cold autumn we've been facing. No matter how nice it was today in Wisconsin, I'm sure many of you readers can still feel the chill in your bones, though. I sure as heck do.

So we got a win against the Lions. So it was a shut-out. So what? The warmth you are feeling is a false illusion, folks. It's only gonna get colder out there, so best to bundle up and face it. You may be fooled into thinking the winter will avoid us for at least one more week against the sickly Browns, but there is no doubt: There's a great chill in the air!

And we may not have boots or an offensive line worth putting on the field, but I don't mind a tiny bit. There are some reasons for optimism, right?

We've got Donald Driver, one of the finest Receivers and Gentlemen in the game, who never seems to stop smiling or catching silly catches.

We've got Ronnie Rodgers, who has many more wins in his right arm if he can stay healthy (and up-right-standing) and get some lucky bounces.

And in a few weeks, we get another shot at Old What's His Name, in the chilly out-of-doors! Huzzah! Huzzah!

It's really plain tough to keep griping about the offensive line and the pestering penalties, which should have been a lot better after a bye week, but instead of that let's just ignore those problems for another few weeks and hope they improve. I'm not being sarcastic, either, dear readers. What can we, honestly, really do about it any-ways?

I figure McCarthy understands what his problems are and that he needs to fix them eventually, or else, so if he's worth keeping he'll fix them.

You know, my father always used to say: "Don't gripe about the snow." He had variations on this, but the message was always the same, don't gripe about some-thing you can't control, especially if that some-thing seems to be happening more often. Don't acknowledge it, folks. Just trust that it will pass by one way or the other.

I guess what I'm getting at, is, we got a shut-out win and all you hear about it how many penalties we get or how the offensive line is shoddy as a bucket of loose wires. Well maybe it is, sure, but can't we enjoy the win?

Can't we put on a scarf instead of turning up the heat? My dear Mooney has fixed me a number of wonderful scarves and sweaters that are very spiffy looking, and warm as a coffee-pot. So here I am, wearing my slippers and my sweater by the wood-stove and I say to you now: Bring on the blustery winds and the next game! There's a chill in the air and I relish it's effects. Maybe the truck won't start tomorrow, but maybe I'll see a black-bear in the super-market instead, fattening up for the winter on cases of beer and a bushel of apples.

Well, it's time for bed here at the Union house-hold, so off I go. Check back later in the week for more specific thoughts on the upcoming Browns game. Until then,