Jenkins looking like a Pro-Bowler

How are you all feeling this hump-day? Watch out for Bengal Tigers!

• Lori Nickel at the JS has a rave review of DE Cullen Jenkins, who was an absolute monster against the Bears, Sunday Night. She calls his play "Eye-popping" while D Coordinator Dom Capers says "He's got the athletic ability of a big linebacker."

• Apparently Atari Bigby is out for a month with a knee that he sprained on Sunday when he landed strangely on the leg. That guy just can't stay healthy lately.

• Chad Ochocinco spoke with local reporters today and said he's gonna do a Lambeau Leap if he scores a TD. Really, Ocho? "Yeah," he said. "It's no disrespect, especially coming from me, you know how I am. I just go out there and have fun. I enjoy the Dog Pound (in Cleveland) when I jumped in there. They embrace me. I'm looking for the Cheeseheads to embrace Ocho also." Part of me wants to see this, and part of me, not so much, for obvious reasons.

• On a more serious note, Rob Demovsky at the GBPG wrote about the offensive line troubles, and did a very nice job. Give it a read.

• Tom Pelissero at the GBPG has a really nice piece of work breaking down the game tape from Sunday night. Any serious fan will enjoy this. FG sure did (once I printed it out for him).

• Pelissero is one of the top Tweeters on the Pack, and he Tweets today that someone covered up the 'P' on the Brett Favre Pass road sign in GB. Very funny.

That's the best of what's out there today.