Big Finish

Boy oh Boy, that was a tough game to watch.

I had to stay up way too late, for one thing. I even took a nap in the afternoon after getting back from the lake, and I fixed a fresh pot of sizzling hot coffee in the percolator. So I stayed up all the way through the game, but then I had to sleep in until 6. What a lazy bum I am!

Besides the game going into wear-wolf hours, I also got a terrible head-ache from screaming at the television set and fretting about. But what a game with all the back and forth! I haven't seen such excitement since the first time they brought a Ferris Wheel whirly-gig to the county fair-grounds!

Probably the whole state of Wisconsin was rumbling a bit when Rodgers finally loosed that winning pass in the final minutes. Seeing Greg glide into the end-zone was truly one of the happiest moments I have experienced in 2009. That one play basically erased 59 minutes of offensive frustration, and on that night, it was enough.

You've gotta be happy about the win over our oldest rivals, but how do you win the turnover battle by 4 (and thwart a fake punt) and still need that kind of play to win the game? You know, Ronnie Rodgers was pretty up front about it. The offense just stunk all night until the final drive. When I was getting ready to head up to the lake I found a bag of old onions in my dry storage compartment. Whoopsy. I'm not sure what smelled worse, the onions or the Packers pass protection last night. Barbe just looked like a total numb-skull out there in his first start as a professional. He shaped up a bit in the second-half, sure, and maybe the whole line needed to shape up, but heck, Rodgers got roughed up plain and simple. Plain and simple. That just ain't gonna fly, folks.

The real star of the show on Sunday was Dom Capers and his new attacking defense. They are for real, folks. That Ogunleye fellow really gave us hell, but Cullen Jenkins sure returned the favor. And how about that Jay Cutler? Welcome to the NFC, you big baby! I thought I knew what pure recklessness by a QB looked like back when Old-What's-His-Name used to play here, but Cutler just came out of the gate slinging the ball all willy nilly like he was playing in another dimension. Those guys wearing green - Those are not your wide-outs!

Anyways, let's enjoy the win. Refreshing to finally win a close one, wasn't it? Yes, it was!

So here's a new feature I'm gonna include in the big column every week: "Things I Yelled At The Television Set!" Me and Ike were talking during the pre-season, and he noted how I take so many notes and how most of them don't get into the column. He also noted how often I am yelling at the "T.V." - as he calls it. So, here you go:

Things I Yelled At The Television Set:
- "Awww. Cutler looks like he needs a bottle of warm milk!"
- "Illegal Contact?!? Go eat a bag of rotten potatoes you maniac!"
- "Johnny Jolly must be taking some ninja classes!"
- "You can't fake a punt with Brett Swain on the field - He's part Hound Dog!"
- (After they announced Urlacher was out with an injury) "KARMA!!!"

Well we'll have plenty of new updates during the week on the website.
Until next time, then.