Headlines - 8.3.9

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to August, and welcome to the beginning of training camp.
No serious injuries after three practices so far, and less than two weeks until the first pre-season game on August 15. Here's your top headlines:

JSonline has a great early breakdown of who's hot and who's not early on. I was surprised by the Quinn Johnson pick in this year's draft, and expected him to win the starting job, but don't underestimate Korey Hall at FB (above). According to the article, Hall is "bigger this season and more sound at the point of attack. Leader in the clubhouse." Hall made a big difference clearing lanes for Ryan Grant last season. A real unsung hero.

Over at Cheesehead TV, it was revealed that Daryn Colledge and other unnamed players have been enjoying a heated game of Risk in the dorms at training camp. Love Risk.

Back at the JS, Bob McGinn has an interesting story on Ted Thompson and his handling of potential top free agent punter Hunter Smith, who ended up in Washington DC after Thompson made questionable demands. Punter remains a "worrisome void on their roster" says McGinn. No kidding. FG pointed this out many times last season, as the team constantly lost the field position battle.

Finally, another good story at JSonline about Charles Woodsen, who seems a natural for the new 3-4 scheme. Good to hear.

The GBPG has a nice photo gallery of the first day of practice. Get on the bike!

That's it for now. Hoping to have some videos up if I get some free time later.