A promotion at MPU

With the season nearly upon us, it is a natural time to insti-tute some changes here at MPU. Since the very beginning, my grandson Ike has been a driving force behind the website. I have been learning more and more about the 'Digital Age' over these last few years, but that rascal Ike has been doing all the real work around here. Without him, MPU would not exist. Simple as that, folks. And he does all this work on a volunteer basis! What a kid!

For the past three years now, Ike has been working 'behind the scenes' on the website, and I think he's done a damned fine job as our official Website Manager. He posts all my columns, locates the images to go with them, and so forth.

Well, with all of that in mind, I thought it was time for me to promote Ike to Assistant Editor. If I'm only paying him in Rhubarb, Crappie Filets and cold PBR's, the least I can do is give him a more prominent (and accurate) title.

We were sitting on the patio the other day, sipping a few PBRs and watching the tomato plants and the rabbits, when I asked him if he had any good ideas for this upcoming Packers season, regarding the website. Grandpa, he said, if you ever want to expand your reach you're gonna have to update the website on a more regular basis. Simple as that.

After awhile we decided that it was time for me to 'share the spotlight' a bit. I'll still be doing my usual work, don't fret dear readers! But Ike is gonna throw his hat in the ring as well this season in order to 'keep the content fresh' as he says. Mostly, this will be 'links' to Packers news items on other sites, or multi-media updates, but it will also include the occasional editorial commentary. I've always relied on Ike's perspective when writing my own column (it's important to speak with the younger generation!), so I think adding this ingredient to the mix should add another dimension to the website and help MPU continue its growth.

Bottom line, folks: Start checking in more often, 'cause we're gonna have more goodies in this here digital cookie jar for our fourth season online.

Old Cousin Walter is, of course, staying on as Film Archive Manager and my official 'cable television connection.' He's upgraded to a Digital Recording device so we can watch and re-watch each and every game to bring you the in-depth reporting you have come to expect from MPU.

Oh, and in order to keep things straight around here, we'll be 'signing' our posts so you know who is posting what. You can find those at the end of each post, in case you are curious.

Until next time, then.
-FG (See, like this)