Headlines - 8.10.9

Saturday's Family Night scrimmage got cancelled. What a bummer. Was nice to watch some football on Sunday night, even if they spent the whole broadcast talking about John Madden...

So what's new?

Was reading Peter King this morning, and I really enjoyed his Travel Note from River Falls, Wis., where he writes about meeting friendly folks while biking through town. "I spent nine years in the Midwest (Ohio, which isn't the upper Midwest, but a cousin of it), and I loved it, and on this pleasant valley Wednesday in River Falls, I remembered why," writes King. For the full story, click here. Then scroll down.

Over at Cheesehead TV, the BJ Raji situation gets an update. Conclusion: "The agents? They don’t give a damn." Hopefully they get moving on this soon...

Been in hiding lately? Mike Vandermause discusses the Hits and Misses from week one of training camp. Enjoy.

FG should have his Schedule review thoughts - game by game - up and available shortly.

Finally, Thank Goodness football has returned. I don't think I can handle watching the Brewers stink it up any more this year...