Game By Game Breakdown - 2009

A few days ago I gave you my prediction for an 11-5 season, and an NFC North Title. Compared with what some of the Yahoos in the national media are saying, this might seem a bit over-enthused, but take a look at the actual schedule, folks - There is good reason for optimism! The 2009 schedule is about as gentle as a baby panda...
Below is my in-depth breakdown for that prediction.

September 13 - BEARS
Sunday Night Football
Win (1-0) - Welcome to the NFC, Crybaby Cutler. Looks like you left your good receivers in Denver, unfortunately. Expect a wild crowd and a smooth start to the season.

September 20 - BENGALS
Win (2-0) - Mr. Ocho-cinco and the rest of the criminal Bengals aren't going to put up much of a fight in this one. There was a program on PBS tonight about tamed tigers. Bet a ball of yarn Ryan Grant goes for 150 yards in this game.

September 27 - @RAMS
Win (3-0) - One of the worst teams in the league aren't getting better this quickly. Too bad for them. The Packers win the first of two back-to-back dome road games here, setting up an early-season show-down with the Vikings and Br... Sage Rosenfels.

October 5 - @VIKINGS
Monday Night Football
Loss (3-1) - Two domes on the road in a row, too many, I'm afraid. Guessing this one will be close, but once again the cursed Viking horn burns us in the end. Blasted horn!!!

October 11 - BYE
3 wins and one loss at the break. Don't like to see the break this early, but this is pretty close the October Full Moon, so we can all go muskie fishing instead.

October 18 - LIONS
(Win 4-1) - Told you this schedule was easy, didn't I? Lions move to 0-21, Packers stay on the top of the NFC North.

October 25 - @BROWNS
(Win 5-1) - What can I say? The Browns were awful, still are. Another road victory as we play a little fetch with the Dawg Pound. Wooooof.

November 1 - VIKINGS
(Win 6-1) - Don't have to wait long for sweet revenge, this time. The team responds to the biggest game of the season, with the defense shutting down Adrien Peterson, solidifying the division lead. This is one of the games I'd really like to see in person.

November 8 - @BUCCANEERS
(Win 7-1) - Aaron Rodgers keeps his arm on straight and the team shows up down in Florida, unlike last season. On a roll, and looking good after the first half.
The second half is a bit tougher, though.

November 15 - COWBOYS
(Win 8-1) - Ya'll come on up and enjoy a truly spectacular stadium, Dallas. All the money and seats and the world can't build a nicer one.

November 22 - 49ERS
(Loss 8-2) - You'd think this one would be a lock, but Mike Singletary will have this team playing well, and sometimes you don't win all the games you should. A close one at home.

November 26 - @LIONS
Thanksgiving Day
(Loss 8-3) - A real shocker on this schedule. The Lions can't pull off 0-32... And the Pack stumbles on Turkey Day again, suffering two bad losses in a row, this one on a short week.
But it's a long season.

December 7 - RAVENS
(Win 9-3) - After a longer and much needed rest, the Packers draw a very difficult opponent on Monday Night Football, and this time they shine under the bright lights. This is another game I'd like to see in person - Gonna be cold and crazy at Lambeau, folks.

December 13 - @BEARS
(Win 10-3) - Yep, folks. A sweep against the Bears! Aaron Rodgers puts on a clinic in the cold as the Packers regain control in the North.

December 20 - @STEELERS
(Loss 10-4) - The toughest road game of the season against the defending Super Bowl champions, and the result is likely a loss. I think it will be close, though. A good game to take the points if you like that sort of thing.

December 27 - SEAHAWKS
(Win 11-4) - In the final home game of the REGULAR season, the Packers bounce back from the previous week and trounce the Seahawks like they always do at home, securing a playoff birth. Merry Christmas!

January 3 - @CARDINALS
(Loss 11-5) - I figure the Cardinals will likely really need this win as they hope for another dream finish to the season, and the Green and Gold may be in a position to rest some folks for the playoffs, so I'll call this one a loss, even though it could be the other way around.

Conclusion (11-5)
Alright, so as you can see, folks, this is a very managable (some may say Easy-Peasy) schedule for 2009, and I think I've called it pretty conservatively at 11-5. Could just as easily be another 13-3 season, if things bounce the right way. But being the NFL, things could also turn sour with a few bad injuries and so forth. Let's not think like that, though. Overall, dear readers, I am really looking forward to this upcoming campaign. So let's get through the pre-season without any problems and start out hot against crybaby and the Bears.

Until next time, then.