Culling the herd

From time to time, it's good to 'Cull The Herd' as a rancher might say. Nature does this naturally, as Darwin highlighted. Perhaps, dear readers, that will be the most important result of old whats-his-name signing with the hated Vikings. Such a moment will allow some of the weaker, less-desirable, and uninformed Packers fans to drift away from the Green and Gold.

Let me put it to you straight:
Can you still be a Packers fan if you cheer for old whats-his-name and the Vikings, when the two teams meet on October 5 and November 1?

The simple answer is no.
No, dear readers. If you are cheering for the baby and his purple comrades during those two games, you are not a Packer fan. There will be many so-called Packers fans who will fall into the category, and such an action will be proof that they are diseased in the brain. It may be sad to see them go in the beginning, but it really is better for Packers fans in the long-run. That is why the Packers have the best overall fans in the world - the weak don't last long up here, exposed to the elements. In places like Minnesota, undesirable fans are allowed to stay on and not sell out playoff games for their whole life (on the rare occasion when they have one at home). These weaklings then teach their weak young to cheer for the Vikings and that awful horn and the disgusting color purple, and the whole sad cycle begins again. Hence the protected dome environment: an artificial crutch meant to prop up lousy 'fans'.

Good riddance, have fun. Vikings followers keep getting more pathetic, Packers fans only get stronger with each struggle and passing year.

Now, it is certainly acceptable for a Packers fan to 'wish old whats-his-name well' in this and future seasons. He certainly brought us many good memories, and great victories, and for that I and others will be grateful (although some of us may need a few years to allow that appreciation back into our hearts). I am not saying that we should hate the big baby wearing Wranglers, but there is a big difference between enjoying the last embers in the campfire and rubbing burning coals into your eye-sockets (you might burn your cheese-head!).

Some folks may not even realize how diseased their brains may be, but we will all know where we stand come October 5 when the teams take the field. And on October 6, the Packers fan-base will have fewer members, no doubt. These sickly deserters don't deserve our pity or further comment. They are not people who can grasp the importance and value of team. Arguing with them over this sad episode would be like arguing with a dining room table. So off they go with their crazy thoughts and weak convictions towards the shiny purple fellow.

That is the story of nature.

Until next time,