First Round Surprise!

Holy Moly, folks. Ted Thompson traded up and got another defender in the 2009 first round - USC Linebacker Clay Matthews. Greg Bedard at the Journal Sentinal has him rated as the 12th best player in the draft, and he should provide depth and competition in the new line-backer-heavy scheme as well. The move caught me off guard, but it leaves me with the feeling that Ted realizes his job rests with the defense and its ability to stop the run. Instead of piling up late-round picks, there are times when you need to get kids at the top who can make immediate impacts and contributions, and from what I've heard Clay will bring that kind of talent to the Frozen Tundra. Good stuff. Good stuff.

The Packers sent New England their second round and both third round picks for the 26th pick and New England's fifth rounder.

Remaining picks include:
Fourth round - 109
Fifth round - 145, 162
Sixth round - 182, 187
Seventh round - 218

Guess that about does it for today's action. Love these two picks on the surface. Time for more research and a few more beers!