Wake me up when it's over

For starters, my apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks. I have been hiding in the pantry waiting for the Packers to get a win and I realized that I better come out from my nest in order to do some Christmas shopping and to get some fresh air. Solitude is only helpful to a certain extent. Eventually you must face the facts and get on with your life. So the Packers aren't going to the playoffs. Well at least there is shoveling to do.

It was the same sad story - a nightmare repeating on a loop - Monday night. I'm not going into it. If you are reading this you saw what I saw. The team stinks like a raw bratwurst left in the ice fishing bucket down in the basement for a week. I have spent a few hours sitting by the fireplace working on my Christmas list, and I guess I'll share that with you folks today:

Dear Santa,
The Packers are awful. Maybe you can help. I have been a good gentleman this year, polite and pleasant to others, and I haven't missed a game, or a minute of a game, even when they were really really horrible. If you could help me out by shaking some magic from the clouds, the following changes are in order:

• Fire Coach Bob 'Head in the' Sanders. The defense, injuries or no injuries, has been pathetic this year. Number one priority.
• Send Jarret Bush to the minor leagues or NFL Europe, forever. This guy does nothing but fowl up games. If he's not running into the path of a punted ball or getting flagged for pass interference, Bush is surely screwing something else up. Please, Santa, I'm not asking you to take him on as an elf apprentice, just send him to Detroit or something.
• On that topic, can we please please please hand Detroit their 16th defeat this year? It's a consolation prize, but at least it's something.
• Coach Mike Stock needs to go as well. The special teams are junk.
• Finally, while I am willing to give McCarthy one more year, would it be possible to get Mike Holmgren back in 2011 or so if we don't turn things around next year? I think that's reasonable.

F. Gordon Union


Well, all I can say is keep your heads up and enjoy the 6th win of the season next week. Probably shouldn't count as a high-light of the season, but handing Detroit the ol' goose egg will be satisfying. On the other hand, we will only finish 6 and 10 and 2 of those wins will be against Detroit, so that's not so good. Either way, I am looking forward to 2009.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years, folks. Once I am ready to fully accept the disappointment of this season I will be back with my end-of-the season reviews and so forth.

Extra egg-nog and a hot pork chop to you all!