Under the bright lights in the bayou

So this is the deal, dear readers: The Packers, Vikings and Bears find themselves in a dead-heat with six games to play, and this mini-season will determine which team will win the NFC North. While the Monday Night game against the Bears in week 16 will probably be the biggest game of the season, the Monday Night game on ... Monday ... will provide an indicator as to which Packers team we will see as we skee-daddle to the line. Will we get the Packers who can run and stop the run, or will we see the sloppy, penalty-prone bunch of mis-fits that have already lost five games?

I contend that, as Greg Jennings said last week, the Packers who walloped the Bears is the team that will finish strong down the stretch to defend our Northern Conference Title.

As the lakes begin to freeze up here in Wisconsin this week, and as the thoughts of turkey and gravy creep into your humble columnist's mind, those beloved Packers will play under the bright lights down in the Mississippi Bayou on Monday. Why slog through the muck when you can rent an swamp-boat? The Saints are a talented bunch, but they have a bad habit of giving up the big run, folks. General Ryan Grant has been running very well the last three weeks, and his offensive line finally cranked it up to his level last week against the Bears. While Grant looked impressive for the first time all season, really, he has yet to break off a big ol' chunk of steaming yardage by taking one the distance. He did that several times down the stretch last year, and his overall high level of play over those late-season games were a huge reason for our great season. We will need him to play like that again if we are going to make the playoffs and make a run once we get there. So I'll go ahead and make a prediction here because I believe it and I really want to see it: General Grant is going to bust off a big touch-down run on Monday night and he is going to look like a bullet shot out of a rifle barrel headed for a 30-point buck's beating heart. Kee-rack!

The recipe for success this season has been pretty simple. Running Grant well greases the offensive wheels. And when the offense is moving, the defense doesn't get wore out and give up the big plays on that side. Easy peasy. Mashed Potatoes.

Well I'm in a rush to-day to hit the road and hit the woods. Hope you all stay safe out there in the woods and I hope you get a chance to mimic Ryan Grant with your gun-barrels on opening morning. Kee-rack! Ha-Cha-Cha!

Mark it folks: The continuation of a good second-half run, Packers 24, Saints 13. Until next time, then.