Fantasy G. Unions - Wk6

Well I thought I was going to get on a roll here after we won last week to go 3-2, but I went ahead and over-managed the team this week. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to bench Kurt Warner. Geesh.
Jason Campbell was playing against the Rams at home and I figured, heck, he'll probably toss it for 500 yards and five TDs...
Hey how about this photo-graph Ike picked for this column? I asked him to find something that represents my mistake, which has cost me dearly. Pretty wild, eh?
Looks like Warner is on Bye next week, so I guess Campbell will get another start. Hopefully he bounces back and throws a bunch to Chris Cooley.

Way to go Reggie Bush! After winning my match-up for me on Monday night last week he had another huge game against Oak-land this weekend. Along with Warner, he's my most consistent producer. I think he'll keep it up all season. The Saints are a solid team.

Along with Bush, Brandon Jacobs has emerged as my other RB. We'll see how he does on Monday night. Even with him and Braylon Edwards going, I have no chance. Unless they both get 30 points...

Santonio Holmes comes back for week 7, and I am undecided on my WR3. Hoping to make a trade finally. I've got too many damned RBs.

That's all for now. Still having lots of fun even with the poor start. I am learning more and more about the NFL each week. Take it easy, folks.