Back in first

We've sure had some big wins against Seattle in the last few years, and this weekend's victory certainly qualifies in that group. Ronnie Rodgers and Greg Jennings led a much-improved offensive effort and the defense served up a hefty helping of Knuckle Soup. Gotta say it: That long touch-down pass to Jennings was one of the finest throws I have ever seen. It cured my head-ache today. Seriously.
The Vikings got another baloney win from a baloney pass interference call for the second-straight week, but the Bears lost in bizarre fashion and we find ourselves back in first-place in the NFC North. Huzzah!
I liked the energy out there, Sunday. That's not something you can really measure, but I was certainly sensing some extra pep. Did you feel it? Maybe what I was sensing was the 'Charlie Frye effect' but it sure feels good to get that win. Relieved, that's what I'm feeling tonight, dear readers. It's just no fun losing. I was yelling at the TV during the first half when it was still close, and doing the Charleston in the second half once we built a nice lead. Now that's energy, folks.
With the offense back on track and gobblin' up the time of possession, our injured defense was able to put up a pretty good game. Even without Al Harris and Cullen Jenkins, they played real nice. Again, Charlie Frye probably helped quite a bit, but that's not really important. Every week is tough. Tramon Williams continues to play really well, and he and Woodsen both got interceptions. I think Woodsen has probably been a team MVP candidate for the first part of the season. More on that in my early-season score-card (scheduled for publication later this week). Nick Collins looks like he's taken his game to a whole new level this season. He might be one of the best free safeties in the league right now. Really. And you just can't say enough about Mr. High-Energy, Aaron Kampman. Man Oh Man, that guy is just relentless. Zooey!
Did you folks see those defenders and their hand-shake celebration? That was pretty neat. Classy move. Business as usual, right? I hope they keep that up all season. The Gentlemen Defenders!
Alright folks, time for a nap. Let's keep this energy going against the Colts and get us a well-deserved week of rest! Until then.