Vikings 1 Preview

Well it sure was great to relax on the davenport and watch professional football all day. I must’ve put down four or five sandwiches and a whole kettle of coffee.
Tom Brady is reportedly out for the season with a shot knee, which is both shocking and disappointing to me, as he was my first round pick in fantasy football league this season. And so with one play, New England goes from Super Bowl contender to a middle of the road unit. They are no longer elite.
With this in mind as we wait for the Packer’s season to begin, I worry again about our lack of depth at quarterback. If Rogers were to suffer a serious injury like Brady we would be in some real trouble. That’s just the way things go. I guess that would be true for almost any team, though.
For now the Patriots are in trouble and the Packers are healthy, so I’ll focus on reality instead of worrying about the fragility of knee ligaments. With our current roster, I think the Packers remain a Super Bowl contender. A good chunk of the professional media believe the Vikings have caught and passed the Green and Gold in the NFC North. I don’t buy it. Almost across the board I give the nod to our guys.
The Vikings did improve an already impressive defensive line, but so long as Rogers can pick apart their shoddy secondary with quick, efficient passes, I think we’ll be just fine. Of course we’ll need to run at the edges, which we were able to do last season. The interior defense is just too tough. It’s not even worth testing.
While we have the balanced offense to overcome a solid defense, that’s just not the case with the Vikings. Coach Sanders will be able to stack the box and thwart their run attack, forcing gimpy Tavaris Jackson to beat us through the air. Tavaris has some potential, but their receivers are a group of hand-me-downs. This is the distinct difference.
Look for an interception or two in our favor and a double digit victory to open the season at home, dear readers. And look for me to continue my weekend of football in style. I sense a batch of double-spicy chicken wings in my future, and kick-off can’t get here soon enough. Vikings – 14, Packers – 34. Until next time, then.