Fantasy G. Unions Update - Week Two

Well I sure hope my first week of fantasy football isn’t an indication of how things will go in the future.
So Tom Brady went down in the first quarter and the Fantasy G. Unions went into a tail-spin from there. Braylon Edwards stunk against the Cowboys. Chris Cooley stunk even worse against the Giants. Santonio Holmes and Maurice Jones Drew put up minimal points and I got walloped quite badly. It was ugly, dear readers.
Then I found out my leading receiver for the week, Nate Burleson, also blew out his knee and will be done for the season. Ouch. Now that’s just un-called for.
My first thought was relief at having picked up Kurt Warner last week. At least I have a decent back-up quarterback, even though I have never been a Kurt Warner fan. Not wanting to get burned twice, I went and grabbed Jon Kitna off the waiver wire.
Down to three wide receivers (including Joey Galloway, who’s almost as old as me), I decided I needed to find some new depth at that position as well. I was able to snare Jerry Porter and Derrick Mason of the wires as well. Granted, they're not top eschelon guys, but they should be their respective team's number one receiving targets each week, so I can't complain.
To add those three fellows, I had to dump the Steelers defense after they’re great performance last week. Although they were my most valuable player last week, their match-ups the next few weeks aren’t very good, so I kept Tampa Bay (against terrible Atlanta this week).
I’m sure Fast Willie Parker just had his best game of the year while riding the pine, but I am starting him this week alongside Brandon Jacobs (against the horrible Rams). Cooley gets the call at TE and he better rebound with some good numbers or I'm going to have to start looking for another option.
Brought in Giants back-up kicker John Carney for week two. As I have mentioned, the Giants are playing the awful Rams, and I think he should be in line for some scoring opportunities early and often.
That’s the report from fantasy head-quarters. Good luck to all this weekend.