Potato Sack Race

Well folks, the trip out west to old Candles-stick Park didn’t go so hot.
While the 49ers looked like a foot-ball team, our Packers looked like a bunch of mis-fits. Pretty much everyone from Coach McCarthy on down described the performance as pathetic, and it sure was. It was embarrassing. Humiliating.
Let’s start with the first team offense. You can’t really put the blame for our shoddy pass protection entirely on the hodge-podge offensive line, but that unit really needs to shape up. I am all for trying new things, and it is clear the coaches still don’t know who the starting line-men will be, but there certainly is something to be said for consistency. Hopefully we get that hammered out going into the third pre-season game so that the starters can cohere. I’m a big fan of cohesion, folks.
Watching the game last weekend I must’ve winced at least three times when Rodgers got hit. The last thing this team needs is another injury to Number 12. Based on the performance of our rookie back-ups so far, it’s clear the team will not be able to compete without Rodgers under center. Now while the line didn’t do much to keep the rush off Rodgers, Rodgers didn’t do much to help his cause, either.
Here’s me sitting in my rocking chair watching the game-tape on Sunday after-noon: “Throw the gosh darned ball! Throw it! Good lord! Throw it, sir!”
Listen, folks. You can’t hold onto the ball that long. I don’t care what the line is doing up front. I guess we just need to shake off the rust and get the wheels turning.
Now Rodgers did get robbed of a touch-down and another long pass to Driver, but to be fair, he also had an interception dropped. Overall, the offense looked rotten, from the starters on down the depth chart.
I’m not really too worried about this. I’ll take bad pre-season performances so long as everyone gets out healthy. Just the other night the Cleveland Quarterback Anderson got his bell rung against the Giants. Over in Minnesota, Tavaris Jackson tweaked his knee on a running play. Now I know Rodgers is going to get quite a few minutes in the Friday night game in Denver, but I expect McCarthy would knock some sense into him. Throw the ball. Think quick. Keep those feet moving. And so on. Coach ‘em up, coach!
The first team defense played pretty well again, creating several three and outs. Then again, we were playing the 49ers, who were probably one of the worst teams last year. Just awe-ful.
I haven’t seen much razzle dazzle from this unit and I don’t expect to until the season opener. Training camp reports indicate that Coach Sanders will be using more blitz packages in order to create pressure on the quarterback. I welcome this move and I look forward to seeing some of these attacks. I doubt we will see them in the pre-season, though.
Pressure on the opposing quarterback is something we need to improve on. You can pick apart the NFC Championship loss so many ways, but one that sticks out to me is the lack of pressure by our team and the great pressure applied by the Giants.
Well, folks, at least we can get back on the field here shortly. I don’t really care what the final score is, but we better show up and smack them Broncos in the mouth. I’d sure like to see our back-ups do a bit more, but more than anything, I’d like to see Rodgers with a clean jersey at the end of the night.
Here’s to a good rebound match and a road victory: Packers – 21, Broncos – 13. Until next time, then.