First teamers looked good in first game

Felt weird to be watching live Packers footage again this week. Even weirder with Rodgers under center. But that’s reality. It’s rarely what you expect it to be.
Will be heading up to the cabin shortly here and I am looking forward to spectacular weather over the weekend. I think aside from ice fishing that late August and early fall are my favorite times of year, especially up north. Shouldn’t have too many problems with the mosquitoes. Me and my buddy Charlie are going to give deep water motor trolling a try on one of the bigger lakes up there. The plan is to catch a real monster off the thermo-cline. We’ll see.
So the first team looked great in the opener, eh? The second and third teamers, not so much.
If Nick Barnett doesn’t make the Pro Bowl this year something is seriously gummed up in the voting contraption. Jeepers creepers. Folks have it stuck in their melons that Urlacher is the premier middle line-backer in the NFC North, but I just don’t see it that way any longer. I think Barnett is better in almost every phase of the game. I guess all that matters is that we’ve got him and everyone else doesn’t, but it would be nice to see some national recognition for our man in the middle. He looked dynamite on the few series he played against Cincinnati.
Hey Wrangler: Thanks a ton for those Jet Favre commercials you bought during the game. I might just go and give my Wranglers away to Saint Vincent De Paul instead. Goodness! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Real classy.
And now I here some bars are going to only show Jets games in Wisconsin… Geeeesh. Get a life. Or rather, have fun on the Jet band-wagon. You won’t find me near a Jets tavern. No thanks. Can you imagine that loony-bin crowd? Might as well just board up the windows and start making sacrifices to your new god. Welcome to the church of treachery and drink specials!
Brandon Jackson may have goofed up a few blocking assignments, Monday, but on a few of his runs he looked like a bang-tail steam engine. I love the energy, dear readers. Love it. He should be a good change-up to the speedy Grant in the back-field. Looks like that draft pick is coming around for us.
Well, we certainly have an early candidate for play of the year. A No Helmet Touch-Down and Leap?! Holy Moly! I surely leaped from the davenport after that one. Reports from camp say that Jones is really dropping some jaws again this season. I think we got ourselves a real steal with that fine youngster, dear readers. Think we’ll be seeing a lot of three and four receiver sets this year. That Ruvell Martin has also earned some playing time and I like his ability to play the jump ball. Mister tall guy. Although our defense is clearly the team’s best asset, the receiving corps ain’t far behind.
Speaking of defense, the first team held their first team to three straight three and outs to start the game. They gave up a touchdown later, but that was after we sat a few defensive linemen at an already thin position (due to injuries). I’m not worried. Vanilla defense stops vanilla offense. Not much of a story there, but you and I both know we’ve got the talent on that side of the ball. They could be amongst the league’s best this season.
Rodger looked real comfortable in there and I am looking forward to seeing him play some more drives. Our backups, on the other hand… Goodness. Maybe we should try and sign Jake the Snake out of retirement. Or Doug Peterson. Oh, and they need to make a category for Wide Receiver interceptions. I'm looking at you, Chris Francis. Or should I say "Cut Francis!"
Favorite sign from the preseason game: “Aaron, please be good!” Yes indeed.
Up next, a trip to Saint Francisco. I think we’ll roll Golden Gate style. Packers 33 – 49ers 10. Until next time, then.