Hey there, readers. Just thought I'd shoot you'all a bonus Union Dispatch this week with the Pro-Bowl Rosters being announced this afternoon. Not that I have a vote (aside from the fan voting, which counts for 1/3), but here's who I think should make the cut from our be-loved Packers:

Offensive Unit:
Brett Favre - a Renaissance Season for the Old Folk Hero. Considering how he's led the NFL's youngest team this season, Brett's selection is a lock.
Greg Jennings - His 12 TD catches are among the best in the league. This second-year pro has been on the Union Honor Roll since he was drafted and this break-out season is a fine chapter in what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career.
Chad Clifton - Serving as an anchor for a young line, Clifton has helped the Packers establish a running game, if only for the second half of the season. He has adapted well to the zone blocking scheme.

Defensive Unit:
Al Harris - This shut-down corner has been snubbed before and this is the year he finally goes to Hawaii.
Charles Woodsen - Across from Harris, you'll find the perfect physical compliment. These two guys are the best tandem in the league, and it would be special to have them both go.
Nick Barnett - Probably the most deserving Packer aside from Brett, Barnett is having the best season of any inside LB in the NFC, hands down. If Urlacher goes again I might just puke. Hopefully the League gets it right this year.

OK, will have the new regular column up shortly.