Bonus Dispatch: Nall is back; Zone defense can get lost

Well, folks, I had a few extra moments this morning to touch on a few items I did not have room for in the regular column.

Craig Nall is back.
I always thought Mr. Nall would be a good Quarterback in this National Football League, and I was sad to see him go to Buffalo last year. I even told my buddies that I thought he'd be their starting Field General, but a ham-string injury held him back and he was cut this year. After a short stint in Houston with Sherman, he was cut from that roster as well. At least he was able to make some money in Buffalo, I thought, upon reading that sad news.
But this week, I read that Nall was coming back to Green Bay - the result of Aaron Rodgers pulling him Ham-string in practice this week. So now Nall's Favre's back-up. How about that? I don't particularily want to see Mr. Nall taking game-day snaps any-time soon, but I'm glad to see he's staying in the game. Hopefully it works out for him in the long run. The kid's got some real talent and a liquid-rocket-fueled arm. As for Rodgers, I hope he's not a lemon. He played real fine last Thursday but this injury concerns me. Anytime he gets in a game he seems to have something go whacky in the leg region. We'll see. But for the moment the Packers have got some Top-End talent and prospects in the Quarterback Department.

Zone defense is for the birds...
Did anybody else notice this during the Cow-Bells game? With Woodsen out Coach Sanders used a variety of exotic 'zone' coverage-packages in obvious passing situations and that appeared to burn us up. I haven't read much about this in the media reports this week, but it was clear as day that the Packers got away from their breads and butters - Man Coverage. I can understand that you might wanna insulate those younger Defensive Backs, but the Dallas receiving corps really picked them apart. I counted several times where Al Harris bumped Owens and then released him to the second level. This is not something I have seen much of in the first part of the season and I hope Coach Sanders gets back to his base coverage this week, with or without Woodsen. Well, that's all for now, dear readers. I am heading waaaaay up north for some ice fishing this weekend and hopefully it's better than last Saturday. Wish me luck. Until next week, then.