Throwing the victory flag

Well how about that one, folks?
With around three minutes to go in Arrowhead Stadium, things weren’t looking so hot for the Green and Gold. It looked as if this young team had finally been caught, like some wild mink in a snare. Amazin’ Damon Huard and the Chiefs were on the move, down by one, when a completion down the left sideline appeared to give them the ball in field-goal-position. Drat! I cursed the television screen. Double Drat!! What Rayner-onic irony.
But then the replay told a different tale, dear readers, and me and the fellows started hollarin’ like a pack of wolves: Throw the flag, Coach. Throw the flag! Just when it looked like McCarthy was going to let it be, one of his assistants scrambled over to him on the side-lines and said, in so many words, what we’d been screaming. And he threw the flag. And the play was reversed, as the receiver was out-of-bounds. And from then on, the game was in hand, giving Brett a victory over every other NFL team. Now that’s mighty impressive, eh?
Somebody oughtta give that assistant a big raise, folks. Had that play gone un-challenged, things may have turned out mighty differently in ol’ Kansas City.
Well, I’ve got quite a few items to discuss this week, so let’s get right to galloping mode:
Who in the heck is this Krause kid wearing #87? The Packers haven’t been using too many two-tight-end looks since Bubba went down, but they sure did on Sunday. And Mr. Krause played quite a few snaps as a result. He played pretty well, too. Still, he’s no Donald Lee, who got a well-deserved four-year contract extension this week. He’s just one of many who’ve benefited from Thompson’s new approach to signing quality foundation players to long-term deals before they reach free-agency. We can thank Mike McKenzie and Javon Walker and their cry-baby antics for that shift in team policy.
Another offensive weapon that has been looking good as of late is RB Grant. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the un-canny similarities between him and Dorsey “The Horsey” Levens, from the #25 on down the line. But let’s not get too excited about him just yet. There is much work to do on the offensive line and it’s a long season. He’s got plenty of flash, but I’ll be really impressed when I start feeling the thunder rattlin’ on my window pane.
Sticking with the RBs, Vernand Morency wins the ‘Fancy Foot-work’ award for his cheeky clearance kick following a wild side-a-ways pass. Mind the gap!
Brett’s final touch-down to Greg Jennings was a thing of beauty, coming less than six days after the game-winner in Denver. But his first TD of the day was really something. Check the VHS. That’s called a ‘triple pump fake.’ Glory! Peter King called Brett the 14th best QB coming into the season. Glad I’m not him, cause then I’d have the intellect of a ground squirrel.
Finally, I was perplexed to see a Rat Mascot on the sidelines wearing a Superman T-Shirt. I have been informed this is KC Wolf, who is a ‘fun-loving’ wolf. Anybody else confused? Aaaaooooooh!
Well, I’ve left no room to heap praise upon the defensive unit, so if you are reading this, Nick Barnett, don’t worry. I know, along with everyone else in Logical Land, that you are having a Pro-Bowl season, along with both our corners and half the defensive line.
Minnesota is coming to town next week and Barnett and the boys will have their hands full. I’m not worried though… The Packers know how to tackle, unlike some teams (Super Chargers). Mark it, folks: Minnesota – 13, Green Bay – 24.
Until next week, then.